April 6, 2011


The Spring Peepers Orchestra and Chorale  are back  in town for their annual Springtime performance.
Their wonderful chorale  fills the day and night with  sweet peeping songs. There are millions of them and the sound can be heard all over  in the creeks and marshes and by the bay as nature wakes up once again from its deep sleep.
Peepers are tiny little things , harmless and cute and range in color from deep green to greenish browns.
The ponds will fill with frog tadpoles , the fish will begin to spawn and egrets will return in droves to stalk the ponds and marshes all around.
It is the true sign that Spring has finally arrived.
Next will be the lightning bugs in late June and July.
It s sweet to hear the wonderful sound  of peepers , crickets and even cicada in the evening and while falling asleep.
It is the sounds of Spring and Summer that I love, just as I love the deep quiet of winter.
Someone caught their sound and posted it for all to hear:
To hear the peepers you can simply shut off the background sound on the side bar. 

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  1. I've been hearing a sweet little bird somewhere high in the trees on the street where I live-my only sound of spring here.

  2. Hi Anne, that is not a usual sound for me and I would not be able to sleep. It reminds me of a camping trip I took as a girl scout. I can hear the birds loud and clear in the morning when the fan is not on to drown out the hubby's snoring LOL. We have a reactor about 60 miles from us. I feel for the people in Japan. You never get use to any earthquake. I hate them! Happy spring!

  3. Hi Annie,
    Those peepers are cute but that sound would drive me crazy. I love my nights really quiet. I am a very light sleeper. Sometimes the birds that chirp at night wake me up ;)At my sons old house I would here frogs, horses and cows mooing which was interesting for sure. Hope you have a lovely weekend. And getting my car serviced is even a vacation too me ;) It will only take 20 minutes so I will have the rest of the day to do some fun things :) Hugs, Dru

  4. Hi Annie;

    I'm back to posting again. ;-} In the city the sounds of the subway and distant voices and music used to lull me to sleep. I do miss that. But now I also enjoy the sound if peepers and crickets at night here in the country. I don't get as many as you might, not being near water but I do get some. The lightening bugs put on a great show here in the summer. Between them and the stars, it's a great sight to behold. ;-} Have a lovely day my friend and thank you for your lovely comments while I was gone. Hugs

  5. Hi Annie! That's a pretty chorus the peepers make. I'm not a fan of noises when I sleep. Jeff always teases me if we camp by a river or stay at a hotel on the beach because the noise of water sounds like a machine to me and keeps me awake. And forget the clocks with all the sound effects!

    Don't think I'd like the letters from the nuclear plant either! Our nearest one is San Onofre which I'd say is about 90-100 miles away. It's right on the ocean.

    Enjoy the week ahead! We're busy with the boys back in town again! ;) (((Hugz)))


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