April 26, 2011

Pink Confection

 I saw an article online tonight about Prom dresses, their cost and the new sexy sophisticated look that is popular today.
What is wrong with the old fashioned kind of pastel confection  dresses of the past?
Why have girls opted to look past 40 years old in gets up that are awfully immodest, black and dowdy, too overly blinged out and far, far too expensive and where are the parents values for allowing it?
I don't mean to be a fuddy duddy but......
Mesh dresses? Necklines and backs plunging down way too far , heels way too high and make up that is way over the top.
One girl on the news  blamed the Kardashians as she readily slipped into her $3,000 dollar prom dress that was more appropriate for Gypsy Rose Lee than a high school ingenue.

If this is the new times, I opt out of them.
I like this little pink dress
I added to the photo making neckline more modest and adding 'spaghetti' straps.
  I redid her hair (the cascade of curls are drawn on)  and makeup and put a bit of bling on the dress in the form of pearls on the bodice and cascading down the side.
I also took a sexy look off her face changing her jaw line and eye color and made her more open and young looking, but the basic 'bones' of the dress are wonderful I think.
What do you think about the new trend in uber 'sexy' dresses for young girls?
Am I just out of touch?
Kids should be kids and young ladies should be ladies.


  1. Hi Annie,
    I love Pink anything. This dress is very pretty. I didn't have girls so I don't feel the same way as you probably about how they dress. I actually don't even know how they dress at proms lol Justin's prom is coming up on the 7th :) You are right about girls should be girls and no need to grow up to soon but my Mom told me that and I was in quite a rush to grow up and I did. I was a Mom at 19 years old. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Dru

  2. Happy Wednesday Annie;

    Wow what a great touchup job on the photo. I would have never guessed you re-created it. I agree with you on the now style of formal and just every day outfits the girls are wearing today. Some are outright terrible and way too revealing.

    Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  3. I agree but I'm very old fashioned. I pass girls on the streets that I think look like hookers but it's the fashion. Makes me shake my head like my grandmother.

  4. Hi Annie! Your eulogy for Roomba was funny- yes, he did leave a life of service. ;) I much prefer the princessy look for prom dresses over too-sexy styles and I think the money spent on proms is ridiculous! Honestly, I feel people spend way too much on weddings, also. The don't call it "Keeping up with the Kardashians" for nothing, I guess.


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