May 17, 2011

Jury Duty

Today I had jury duty.
The worst part of it is waiting but the county here makes it nice. The chairs are comfortable, there is coffee and tea provided , vending machines with nice foods, even kosher things (Hurray!!) and they help you out with all kinds of information.

I was selected to go to the court room for the first selection called "voir dire"  but  they had enough in short order and so the rest of us were sent back down stairs to see if we could serve for another judge. After a few hours and lunch time, we heard from the jury manager that the lawyers and judge in this other case  had settled things in the judge's chambers so we were released and next call back is in 3 to 5 years.
 Here is an explanation of voir dire:
"When it comes to jury selection, many criminal justice systems employ what is known as the voir dire process. Voir dire is a Anglo-French term that roughly translated means to 'speak the truth'.
During the voir dire process in the United States attorneys from both sides, as well as the trial judge can question prospective jurors to establish whether they would be an objective and fair minded juror. If an attorney considers that a prospective juror's views and opinions may be biased against his or her client, they can challenge their inclusion on the jury."

I loved being in the court room and hearing the judge talk to us about it all. Fascinating but, tedious if you would be there daily I would think.
I brought a couple of paperbacks in my purse and some peppermint candies.I found they provide lockers for your things, and that you can bring a lunch from home too as they offer a refrigerator.
I read, watched tv, watched people and learned why kindle might be a great thing and why a tiny computer would be nice too for just such days.
So I am home now and relaxing. I had allowed myself to get all worked up over this for nothing and I am learning at this stage of life to just try to go with the flow more often and not get so uptight over things.


  1. Anonymous17 May, 2011

    Hi Annie;

    Jury duty isn't bad at all, especially where you were. At least you had coffee, tea, vending machines and comfortable chairs. LOL! Last time I was called for jury duty, we sat in the court room for 3 hours waiting to be called for selection. Another 2 hours passed by as they were choosing jurists from the 30 (me included) for the trial. Turned out the two parties settled out of court and we were (finally) all sent home. That was about 12 years ago.

    I didn't think I would be online tonight as I lost my cable phone, TV and internet this afternoon. Thank goodness it's back. LOL! I'd be lost without it. Thank you so much for your kind words on my poetry site. I truly appreciate it. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie, trying to squeeze in a bit of blogging and blog hopping to cheer me up after another wet and cold day.
    Brrrrr, jury duty. It was my worst nightmare ;) while in the US, coz one of Zeno's co-worker (from Italy like us) was selected and I was sooo scary to be selected as well, LOL! I still can't believe why oh why do you select people that have a 1 or 2 years visa. Then one of our American friends told me I could say no thanks, I do not speak a good English and I do not feel like doing it :)) What a relief!
    Ok, I better sign off, I spend 5 minutes day-dreaming over your header, how pathetic am I, hahahaha!
    Happy Wednesday and hope to pop by again soon, ciao! :)

  3. Ciao Annie! :)
    For what I know (I was told) in many States it is enough to work, pay taxes and be resident in the US for at least one year. But now I am curious and will check :)
    Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day/evening!

  4. Annie I've been called to jury duty three times in my life and never got to be a juror. There is a lot of waiting around but I found it was an interesting experience. One funny thing happened to me last time -- I was in a voir dire process and as I listened to the judge describe the details of the case (it was a car injury law suit) I realized it knew both the defendant and victim! What is the chances in a NYC borough of 2.5 million people that I would know both? Needless to say I was dismissed from that case!

  5. HI Annie, I have fibromyalgia, I see you have a link there about it. It's horrid, I hope you don't have it? well I am glad you have learned to not get so stressed about life, I am still in the learning stage on that one. Sounds like you went prepared for Jury Duty. I have had jury duty many times, now a days I get out of it because of my Fibromyalgia and other reasons. They used to call on me every year and although they are only suppose to call on you every other year. Anyways have a great weekend! hugs


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