June 1, 2011



I came across a nice idea for gardening that I want to share.
Look how they have tomatoes growing through the bottom of the pots!. Looks like old paint buckets too.
The holes on the bottom seem doorknob sized. The open tops would leave plenty of room for rain or watering and fertilizing (I use pond water and things grow like wild).
They are hung between  fence posts it seems.
I suppose you could drill  holes in the top of the posts and insert a sturdy dowel rod for the plants, but it woul dhave to be thick.
Maybe a better idea would be a good 2x4 with hooks for the plants.
Anyway, I love this idea and I think its a great way to let tomatoes grow.

I am a big believer in food gardens since I think we are headed into some very hard times.

I think people should grow veggies and fruit all over the place. Look at this great balcony garden. But  you can use a nice sunny window too.
Anyway, I am on the upswing after throat, upset stomach,etc. and hope I will be completely well tomorrow.
Tonight the Famous Anonymous kid has a flute concert. She studies both flute and piano. I am hoping I am well enough for that. I seem to be but don't want to pass anything along to others either.
The sub floors on my little home are going in tomorrow.  There is a lovely cherry wood floor to go over the top too.
 Hope you had a nice weekend.
Talk to you soon.....


  1. Hi Annie,
    That is a great idea for growing tomatoes. What do you know that we don't about hard times coming? It seems to be getting better out here with our housing market and the few friends and family that have their own businesses thank god are doing really good. A house on my son's block sold in a week for a mere $525K my son paid $625 for his house that he tore down to the ground to build a brand new one, if only he said that house had been for sale then :) My Grandmother on my Mom's side always had a fabulous veggie and fruit garden in her backyard in San Diego. Hope you are feeling well enough to go to the famous anonymous kids flute concert tonight! Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie! They sell a commercial version of those upside down tomnato planters... They're called Topsy Turvy planters. I like the homemade version. Dylan used to always snatch my tomatoes just as they ripened. Good thing, too, because I found that green tomatoes can be toxic to dogs. But nothing tastes as good as a homegrown tomato!

    How exciting to be getting new floors- we love ours and they're holding up well against all the paws! Cherry is a beuatiful wood.

    That's great that AK takes flute and piano. My kids both studied clarinet and Justin got into UCLA in part because of it... he was one of three accepted.


  3. Ciao Annie! It looks and feels like autumn here (rain, rain and more rain and temps in the 50s) but I guess I can wish you happy June 1st! ;)
    Oh, what a cool idea for growing tomatoes! Lovely! I miss having a garden or a balcony. It's so depressing not being able to grow something here. Enjoy the flute concert! :)
    Have a lovely day and hope June will be fab for you! :)

  4. I want a patio garden but have not made the time. I should though. I really really should.

  5. Love the idea of container gardening! Sounds like lots of activity at your house!

  6. Anonymous02 June, 2011

    Hi Annie;

    I hope you are feeling better today and can go to the FA kid's concert. My sister ordered the Topsy Turvy hanging tomato plants last month to hang on her porch. I would love to try it but we are not allowed to have anything hanging outside our windows. They really aren't made to hang inside an apartment. LOL! I bet the cherry wood floors are going to look great. Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs

  7. Hi Annie,
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope you are feeling better :)
    Hugs, Dru

  8. Hi Annie! Hope you're feeling better. Yes, Ryan enjoyed going to school. Jessica will have to find a new place out here for him. He's an October baby so won't start kindergarten for another 2 years. (((Hugz)))

  9. Anonymous07 June, 2011

    Hi again Annie;

    Had to come back and tell you I love Yo Window. That's the neatest weather widget I've seen. ;-} And prime rib with parsley potatoes and garlicy string beans would be a favorite of mine too. LOL!


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