June 27, 2011

Late, Late Sunday...

Tonight was cool and refreshing after a couple of rather hot days with high humidity.
Now the fan is blowing in cool air with a hint of pine,  cedar and salt.
I love when you can smell those  in the air . It is a beautiful combination.
I spend today working on the computer and it took the day away. It is a good thing I enjoy it so much and being a pretty decent mood didn't hurt either.

Dinner was simple hot dogs and sauerkraut on toasted buns and I just loved every bite of them. Sometimes simple picnic foods are the best. I love German style sauerkraut lots of dark spicy mustard, especially Kosciusko Mustard. One of my favorites.

I  have an exciting project coming up that I will see if I can mention tomorrow evening.
Until then have a lovely Monday!
Hope that you had a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Annie,
    I love sauerkraut! I think it was a german thing in our house since the Lowenthal's were from Germany. My kids hated it! Grandson and Son that is. How is the remodel going on your new place?? Can't wait to hear what your new exciting project coming up is? Have a wonderful Monday!
    Hugs, Dru

    I am having problems commenting :( It will not let me log into via ggogle!

  2. My dinner was simple too..egg salad sandwiches with some potato chips. The hot dogs and sauerkraut sounds so yummy...has me thinking of another easy meal. I love the peaceful feeling you give me reading of the pine,cedar,and salt smells in the air.

  3. Hi Annie! I was just on my way over here when I saw your comment. Trying to catch up after a busy weekend. Realizing that 2 houses require more upkeep than one! Go figure, huh? Luckily Pat (Jessica's husband) is a good worker. Jeff and Pat were digging up a side area of lawn that was weedy and planting new grass.

    My mom used to make a dish for my dad- it was sauerkraut with short ribs. I like sauerkraut too, but not the smell. :)

    Hope yo have a great week ahead!

  4. Anonymous27 June, 2011

    Hi Annie;

    You made me hungry with your hotdogs and trimmings. I love them and eat them quite often. Sometimes I make my own onion sauce and chili to put on them along with sauerkraut and mustard toppings and sometimes I'll just use cheese with ketchup. As you can see I just love them any old way except with relish. LOL!

    Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  5. I love the smell of pine and salt too. When its rainy around here I just go outside and inhale it. I am so lucky to live here.

    Hotdogs are a good ez dinner. We do that too sometimes but that mustard......I remember using that, yum!

  6. Ciao Annie, can't wait to hear what your new exciting project coming up is :) Haven't had a hot-dog in ages, probably last time I was still in the US. Now I am craving one ;)
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  7. Hi Annie;

    Dropped in to see what's new and hope all is well. You've been missed my friend. Have a lovely day and weekend. Hugs

  8. Kia and Zeno01 July, 2011

    Ciao Annie, happy 4th of July weekend :)

  9. Hi Annie! Yes, Jacob does have Jeff's coloring. Pat's mom is a blue-eyed blonde so could be from her, too. Still wondering about the curls tho but I'm guessing when he loses the baby fine hair, he'll lose the curls. Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend!


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