July 18, 2011

Cartoon Surprise

Sometimes you do a project and see something in it you didn't expect to see. Something that you did not even have in mind, consciously at least.
That is the case with this little cartoon I drew of myself for a header on another blog.
While it 'kind' of looks like me, it very much resembles my mother.     It is "her".
July is her birthday month and perhaps that is why she is on my mind.

During the day I sometimes listen to the Easy Listening channel on  cable TV and it has many of the songs she loved  .. the old standards...perhaps that is also a reason why I kept tweaking this cartoon until it came to be more her than me.  Their song  play list is very nice and unobtrusive when you are working.

 My mother was an elegant lady and I do mean lady.  So much a lady that it made one particular remark she used  to say very funny. "Oh, the things you see when you haven't got a gun", she would say on seeing something outrageous.
 It was so out of character , so unexpected from her, that you broke down in laughter.

I was very proud of her at any event, school or otherwise as she was always the nicest dressed mother and picture perfect.
She always wore a touch of perfume, To a Wild Rose which was an old Avon classic,Revlon's  Charlie, or Guerlain's  Shalimar.    Just a hint but they are "her" to me.
So here is a cartoon of moi, disguised as my Mother .


  1. Hello Annie! First, I must comment on the beautiful post from yesterday! So inspiring & heartfelt. I too love the ocean, & wish that I lived close to one. I feel like you about our blessings - God blesses us in so many ways! I am so thankful for my days & for those in my life.

    I love the drawing of you/your Mom. What a sweet remembrance of her. I had to laugh at her 'gun' saying. My Mom was like that too. When she would say something that was so out of character for her, you couldn't help but laugh.

    Hope you have a lovely day Annie. Sending you big hugs!

  2. Hi Annie,
    Great cartoon and post about your Mom :) That comment is very funny and I can see why it was really funny coming from your Mom. I too remember my Mom a lot in her Birthday month of May not only her Birthday but Mother's day also. Hope you have a lovely evening.
    Hugs, Dru

  3. Anonymous19 July, 2011

    Hi Annie;

    I love your post and your cartoon of you disguised as your mom. That comment she used to make reminds me of the gems my mom would utter too.

    I remember well wearing Avon colognes/perfume. I used to sell Avon thinking I would make extra money. LOL! I was my own best customer. This was around 1980 before I got hit with the computer bug. After 6 months I gave it up as it was costing me too much. LOL!

    Have a lovely evening my friend. ;-}

  4. My Mom is still alive and well. She was always the prettiest Mom in the room-still is.

  5. Hi Annie,
    Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday. Hope your weather is not to hot. I know you must get a nice breeze from the water so close by. We have cooled down a little :) Hugs, Dru


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