July 13, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Our Beach

It was hot today but with the blue skies and air conditioning to moderate things I had a nice day.
Humidity lowered at the end of the day and the nearly 90 degree heat was not that bad once it did. The scent of flowers outdoors was so lovely and the moon is approaching full and was lighting the yard nicely.
I had gone to my daughter's house for dinner and to visit. She is right around the corner. We counted once and its something like 150 steps, and only about 4 houses away.
I love the smells of summer and I like to hear the sound of the boats on the bay too, even the motors. I guess it brings nice memories over all.
There are a ton of bunnies which live by the bay, also foxes, deer , possums, raccoon, and once I saw a baby mink. He had no fear and laid down by my feet at the side of the salt march that is just over around the corner ....
How is your summer going?
What would you do if you had a long 3 month vacation and all the money necessary? Would you go somewhere special? Where would that be?
I would just go down to Cape May for those 3 months and have a lovely time.


  1. Annie, what a beautiful description of Summer! Isn't it funny how the 'sounds' of summer take us back to so many things? The sound of lawn mower always takes me back to childhood & hearing all the neighbors mowing their lawns, while we children played & rode our bikes.

    I cannot bear humidity, so that's the one thing that is good about this brutal heat here in Las Vegas - almost no humidity.

    Hmmm...if I could go away for 3 months to anyplace? It would probably be just down the road to California. I love going there, & have always loved it. So many beautiful things to see & do.

    Have a wonderful summer week Annie! Hugs

  2. I would rent a cottage at the beach and read books and read blogs ALL summer. To answer your question ... a gentleman always waits until a lady extends her hand first before shaking hands!

  3. If I had three months I would find you and see your area through your eyes and enjoy knowing you in "real life." Your pictures and words make things so beautiful, peaceful, and lovely.

  4. Hi Annie,
    It is so nice to live near your kids isn't it? I am loving they are back. Not exactly walking distance but if I had to I could it is about 2 miles from my house. They use to live 1 mile which I did walk many times back in the 90's. Oh 3 months off all the money in the world. I would buy a home in Maui, Carmel,CA and Lake Tahoe,CA and split my time between the 3 homes for those 3 months. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Dru

  5. Anonymous13 July, 2011

    Wow Annie; Just reading your wonderful description of your area and seeing it through your eyes makes me think if I had 3 months with unlimited funds, I would rent a cottage by the shore and just spend time enjoying the sounds and sights of the seashore. So peaceful and relaxing.. Lovely. ;-}

  6. What would I do with three months?!! What riches!


  7. Love the smells and the sights of summer. I'll have to think about that three month question. You are making this area very appealing!

  8. Hi Annie lovely post as usual. I love how you explain summer it's so romantic. I think my summer is going well and if I had all the money necessary I would stay in CA and rent a condo by the sea and stay there every day until fall and then go back home inland to my house not by the sea. LOL enjoy your week ahead. big hugs

  9. I have fibromyalgia it's awful ugg!

  10. Ciao Annie, what a beautiful description of summer. With 3 months vacation and all the money I want ;) I would either tour all the gorgeous USA National Parks (have seen just a few so far) or tour South America. I love to travel and the world is so beautiful :D
    Have a lovely day!

  11. Ahhhhh 3mon. to be somewhere I want to be and no money problem........Id go to Greece. Ive always wanted to spend an extended time there just wandering like a native.


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