July 7, 2011

I Will Stay Old Fashioned

stormy tonight

Something is wrong with my stupid cell phone. I got 5 messages today but the phone never rang and the calls missed thing says I didnt miss any phone calls. Yet the messages were from the past 3 days!
I don't like new fangled contraptions. I am so disgusted by technology that I want a land line with a rotary dial on it. Now they worked, all the time!
And, they didn't give you radiation to kill you off either.

To heck with the new. I am willing to go back in time anytime!


  1. I dont have a cell phone and I dont want one. I will avoid having one for as long as possible. We do have a cordless phone but to ensure I can call out if theres a power outage, I kept an old land line phone. Sadly in this day and age of cable co. and their phone system.........I had to buy a battery back up to ensure I had phone for at least 4hrs. if theres an outage. I miss the old AT&T when it worked! They never should have messed with it.

  2. Oh boy do I agree!
    Breaking up Bell Telephone was the worst thing ever. Quality went down almost immediately.

  3. Anonymous07 July, 2011

    LOL!! I think a lot of us would like to go back to a land line. I rarely use my cell phone, mostly for family text messages. My daughter insists that I have one (she pays for it) and my home phone is a cable phone which I'm not crazy about for when the electricity goes out so does my phone. Give me an old-fashioned land line anytime. Have a great evening my friend. ;-}

  4. I have lots of problems with my cell phone but I'm happy to have it when I am in Manhattan. I remember the frustrating days of trying to find a working pay phone. They were all so dirty.

    I had a white princess phone when I was first married ;)


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