September 15, 2011

Creative Adventure Meme

It's Thursday so time for Toni's meme...

bob cat in stokes state forest, New Jersey

1. While hiking in one of the many trails in the State Forest, you come across a sleeping  Bob Cat!

 2. You pick it up to study the object more carefully, then realize they are pretty doggone big and very dangerous and you are an idiot for having done this! You put the sleeping cat down, and tiptoe away promising yourself a trip to a psychiatrist as soon as you can get an appointment. You wonder if your insurance covers that.

You imagine talking to the receptionist to make the appointment:
          Dr. Boombotz

Me:"Yes, I need to make an appointment to see Dr. Boombotz please?"
Receptionist:"Of course, what is the problem?"
Me:"Well, on a hike I picked up a 50 lb bobcat."
long silence....
Receptionist: "Yes,Can you come in right away?"

Stokes State Forest, New Jersey

3. Just below the clearing you see this wonderous waterfall.

4. With much to remember on this hiking trip, you hurry on over to Dr. Boombotz's office for the help you need so desperately

A favor please... would you mind taking a minute to go over and see the Famous Anonymous Kid's blog?It would mean a lot to her.
She just started 6th grade the other day. She is anxious to show off her blog and get "followers". It's HERE


  1. LOL! I enjoyed your version of this week's Creative Adventure. Imagine a bobcat!! Thanks for my morning chuckle Annie. I'm off to visit the FAK's new blog. Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    I love your CA meme :) That bob cat looks so much like Lily I sometimes think she might have come from one! She has the same body and a tad wild like no other cat I have ever had! I will check out the Famous Anonymous Kids blog from work. I did visit it a few weeks ago :) Have a lovely day.
    Hugs, Dru

  3. Enjoyed your hiking meme :) and the pic of the waterfall is so pretty!


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