September 28, 2011

A Good Week....

We are supposed to have thunder storms over the next few days.  We will see if they are right. While we are very humid right now with highs in the 70's, making it feel much hotter, it is also supposed to grow very cool over the weekend. That will be nice.
I would enjoy a good old fashioned "Indian Summer" when there is a breeze, mild days in the mid to high 60's and cool nights. They are usually bright and sunny too.
Our leaves are hardly even turning yet. Just a bit of red on the bushes that always go very early, otherwise , it is still summertime here.

Garfield has been sick for a few days and a  super expensive..sigh.. trip to the vet showed a bladder infection.  He is on amoxicillin now and feeling much better.
He is a senior citizen now at age 16 but most of my cats lived way past 20 and the vet said with food that will lighten the load on his kidneys he should have many years to go.   His overall condition is good.
This might sound odd to you, but I do ask God for help with his health as I have always done with my animals.  Some of the things the Vets want to do are just so expensive and I am on a tight budget. As it is I will have to take out a pet credit card to have his teeth done.   I didnt spend this much on my kids!
So I continue to ask God to fix and repair and maintain  what I cannot.  He knows our limitations , our finances,our needs etc. and he has never let me down yet.

* * *

On Monday night, my daughter was involved in a train accident. She commutes to her business in NYC and must take the train.  That night, the train hit a car with two people in it. The woman had a seizure and rammed into the train.
The Train came to a screeching halt, sending passengers sprawling in all directions.
They made everyone leave the train in a deserted and very very bad part of a certain town.
Most got rides since they lived nearby. But my daughter lives by me, much farther south and had a ways to go. This is not her stop at all.  AND.. It is not her usual train either!
 She has a few more to go then a car ride home on top of that. So she was in a different county entirely.

Not knowing the area, she thought there would be a bus stop or taxi area and so proceeded following others, then somehow found herself alone in the very worst part of that town.

She saw a church up ahead and lights on and thought if she could get there ...she was being followed by a group of young men now... that she could phone a taxi . The reason for going to the church was for protection and also as a reference point for the taxi since she had no clue where she was now. It's hard to tell a taxi where to pick you up if you have no clue yourself. The church would be a reference point.

She had already phoned home and told us all she was taking a taxi. We didn't now that there was a dangerous drama going on.

* * *

When she got to the church, the oldest African Methodist Episcopal church in the state with a very beautiful history by the way.. there were people outside dressed as if for a formal service.
Normally no one is there at all at night, but this night was different.
It was a memorial service for one of their brethren who had passed away. Immediately they saw she was being followed and gathered round her to protect her.
They asked how she was alone in a bad part of town. This part was not always bad, it had gotten that way in recent  years and the church, being an historic landmark cannot really go elsewhere and it iss safe enough in the day or in large groups.
One man shouted out that the fellow who had passed away would be so happy to know that because of his passing a young girl was saved from harm. Everyone there joined in agreeing with him.
They all were deeply comforted by that.
Her taxi came, he also questioned why she was alone in that place and told her never walk alone again! He  got her to her car at the last train station and she headed home.

I will be writing to the Pastor of that church and telling him how marvelous his congregation is.
Now the rest of the miracle:.. the women in the car were not hurt though the crash was terrible!
My daughter and everyone on the train were distraught at the thought of a horrible death for these poor people.  There were emergency vehicles from all over at the site.
But they did not die. That is a miracle.

*   *   *

So.. you see how it all worked  for everyone's benefit?
The women did not die. Somehow some good might come from it all for her too.
The train passengers are spared the horror of them dying and being involved.
No one on the train was injured seriously thanks to the quick action of the train engineer.
The people of the congregation were comforted to know that some good came from a very sorrowful situation. They were, in fact, very happy to see God working and using them for his plans.
My daughter got home safe and sound after being sent protection and people to care for her.
God is the only one who can handle any situation and make it turn out for the good of everyone involved though we might not see that until later.

One of the quotes on my rotating quote thingy is:

Peace and love, tears of joy, kindness of strangers
All of your roads paved in gold by guardian angels
...May you always have enough peace and love
-Blessed Union of Souls

You never know what you were saved or protected from. We do not know how many times in a day God is saving us , protecting us and doing us good.

* * *

I am taking a few days off for religious observances but will be back posting Saturday night or Sunday.

I hope you have a lovely rest of the week ahead and a rewarding and relaxing weekend.


  1. Hi Annie! You had me on the edge of my seat reading the drama. I'm very thankful that everything, just everything, turned out so well! I hope the kitty food will help prevent further kidney problems and Garfield goes on to live the same long life as your other cats. We took out a pet credit card for Dylan's bout with lymphoma that went on for 4 years! It was helpful to not have to pay interest. Merry baby is just a doll... she and Jacob could be related with those blonde curls! Glad she did well in preschool! (((Hugz)))

  2. Annie,Thank you for stopping by. Your daughter was protected that night by a Angel! I too was nervous reading the story I have a 30 yr old daughter...and I worry. I can relate to Garfields story, Jack Jujube, had a scare with kydney stone... operation, scans..ect.. what can you do if they are like your children.. he is fine now..Live with Fibro..yes perfect explanation..I also can relate! Have a wonderful day! marlene

  3. Oh my, what a story! I am glad to hear your daughter was safe and thank goodness for those who quickly came to her aid. Guardian angels were looking out for her, and for the women in the car!

  4. Oh my Annie;

    All I can say is Wow! and thank you God for your protection on Annie's daughter, the wonderful pastor and church people, the woman in the car and all the passengers with a quick thinking train engineer. Truly a night of miracles. I pray Garfield gets well too.
    Blessings to you on these your holy days my friend. Hugs

  5. Wow, what an amazing story. How wonderful it all turned out tho. We can call on the angels to protect us tho, they will. I often do it for me and my family. The angels were certainly by her side that nite. :)


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