September 26, 2011

The Jersey Shore

The "Jersey Shore" television program has been a huge embarassement for a tiny state with some of the most beautiful, clean and people friendly beaches in the world. Not to mention that the beaches are very large and covered with white sugary sand.  People come from all over the world yearly to vacation at the Jersey Shore and to those in the know the program shows only a small underbelly world few partake of.
I love looking at the houses along the shore and thought you might also

Here is the real Jersey Shore:

Cape May

Cape May again!

Is $10,000,000 too much ?

This tiny hovel is cute and a steal at nearly $2,000,000

Here is the living room

Cute door , probably solid oak 

This itty bitty pool room would not give you much space but you cant be choosy for only  2 mill.

You could probably make do in this tiny kitchen.. 

Who could tolerate being squashed in this little dining room? Sheesh

One of the 4 full baths. Small but, one makes do.

These are all nice but most of us live like this that are no where near a million anything!


  1. Hi Annie,
    I don't know anything about that TV show Jersey Shore? I take it they don't live in homes like those lol Beautiful homes. I would love to have a home in Malibu or up where Oprah lives near Santa Barbara with an oceanview she is on 42 acres I waa just checking her place out the other day. Oh to dream. Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Hugs, Dru

  2. We have the same issues here with the Real Housewives of OC/ Beverly Hills, The Hills and other shows... only a small fraction of the people live like that- good or bad. Most people are just living their lives, going to work, raising families, etc... Not full of all that drama! :) I'd be perfectly happy in that little 2 million spread! ;) (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Annie;

    I purposely never watch any of those terrible so-called reality shows. I love the real Jersey shore. I spent a lot of time as a youngster in Long Branch with my godparents and paternal family members who lived there. We would visit Cape May and Atlantic City (pre-casinos) quite often.

    Love the photos. That is such a lovely stone "cottage" and only $2,000,000.00!! LOL! The rooms are just beautiful.

    Have a lovely day my friend and come see the special post I just put online. ;-] Hugs

  4. I hate that show. Every now and then my bf will put it on and I get mad at what I see. I told him THAT is not how the people of NJ fact most of those people are from NY!!! But it does embarrass me. I find when people speak of NJ I have to explain all the time its not a dump like what you see around the airport, its called the garden state for a reason and the people are not like what you see on TV.


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