October 7, 2011

Autumn and Fall

I ran across an interesting discussion about the difference between Autumn and fall.
Autumn is the beginning of the season while fall is the time when leaves are actually falling to the ground.

The word autumn comes from the Old French word autompne (automne in modern French), and was later normalised to the original Latin word autumnus says Wikipedia. And before the term autumn was used everyone simply called it Harvest time. Harvest comes from the Dutch herfst and German Herbst.
While "fall" comes from English fiƦll or feallan and the Old Norse word 'fall'.
I also discovered via the Farmer's Almanac, which I love, that eating seasonal foods helps your body transition from one season to the other.  And, I found that drinking ice water is hard on your digestion. Your body just doesn't want to process it. Warm foods are more easily digested.
The Almanac predicts thunderstorms for the East Coast this season.
California will be rainy and cool, while the great northwest will need winter clothing early. Then December will bring thunderstorms around the nation and snow storms in the Northeast.

Well I guess this year I will break down and buy boots!
I found these at payless and they look nice and buy one get second half price. So that is what I think I will do.

Have a nice weekend.
Wind Speed: 10 knots
Wind Direction: E
Condition: Knee high
Sea State: Light chop
Ocean Temp: 67 F
Wave Height: 2 ft


  1. Hi Annie;

    I learn something new every time I stop by here! I guess it's Autumn in NY now and Fall begins at the end of the month. ;-} At least now I'll know when to say Autumn or Fall.
    I like the boots you chose. They look warm and comfortable. Have a lovely holiday weekend my friend. Hugs

  2. Well they are right about the PNW....we are already into cool weather and rain and gloom again. Our summer came so late this yr tho that Im not happy with this weather. I didnt get my fill of summer, Im not ready to let go of it. I guess I finally did tho because the other day while out shopping, I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I cannot drink those any other time of yr.


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