October 6, 2011

Meme Time

I am joining in Toni's Thursday meme, Creative adventures.
She has made another one just right for a Twilight Zone episode.
Creative Adventures #12

1.   While on a Caribbean cruise this past summer, I took the elevator to get to my room. Accidently pressing the wrong button, the elevator doors closed than opened and I found myself on a deck I didn't know existed on the ship. Nothing was modern, nothing was familiar. It was very odd.
2.   Being the curious type, I left the elevator and started to walk down the hallway and soon came to a door that opened onto a  small corridor off to the side ofwhat could have been a large restaurant . It was seemingly an employees entrance 

 I heard people coming behind me so I ducked behind a small curtain that closed over a little service pantry. I was so embarassed to be lost and in a place I obviously was not meant to be. 
Two waiters dressed in suits passed me by while I hid, but I didn't get a very good look at them.
  I could hear the sound of voices and laughter, the clinking of glassware and utensils as I left my hiding place and peeked inside the dining room.
Women were dressed in Edwardian style clothing. Men as well.  A small band was playing tunes from the turn of the last century. How gay and lovely it all looked.
I thought perhaps it was a costume party. Why hadn't it been announced? Was it some kind of private affair?

Still, it all looked way too authentic for my liking.

3.   Now worried, I turned around to go back to the elevator when I suddenly saw a small plaque on a service door. It read:  Crew only. RMS Titanic... White Star Line.

It had to be a joke but, another crew member passed me by and gave me an odd look. I knew my appearance troubled him.   His handlebar mustache and clothing style revealed a different time and age. I wanted to run and hide again but screwed up my courage.
"Excuse me , but, can you tell me the time?" I said to him.
"Certainly Madame, it is 9:00 PM" he answered , still looking at me as if I had two heads.
"And, one more thing if I may?" 
"Yes Madame?"
"What is the date?"
"Its April 15 madame"  He hurried away from me then. I knew my own clothing made him uncomfortable and lent credence to my thought that something very odd was going on.
April 15 was the night the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank.

I hurried to the elevator now.. I recalled that the Titanic had three electric elevators on board.
as I stepped inside I noted the  old fashioned interior complete with carved wood  and brass and there was an elevator operator waiting to take me to my deck. I hoped it would also return me to sanity.. to my own place and time.   
"Which deck Miss?" he asked. I told him but I knew my appearance in a little sundress was making him nervous.
The elevator jerked to a start and slowly made its way up to my deck.
I got out and almost ran to what I hoped was my cabin. 
I tried the door but it was locked. Luckily my key fit and the door sprang open. Yes, it was my own room.
4.   A little relieved and laughing nervously I sat down on the chair in my stateroom. It was only some kind of party, or joke I said.
I walked to the port hole and looked outside hoping not to see an ice berg looming somewhere in the distance.  
The sun was shining on the blue Caribbean waters. I was reluctant to take anymore detours on that trip and never sailed again.


  1. That creative adventure was even better than the last one Annie. I love your take on the Twilight Zone. LOL! Thanks for playing as I look forward to reading your creative answers. Have a lovely holiday weekend. The weather is predicted to be perfect. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    I love your meme! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. This is the first Yom Kippur that I have ever worked but I can't afford to take the time off at the Hospital! If it were during the week I would of taken a paid vacation day. I will fast as I always do though :)And reflect! I don't go to work until 3:30 tomorrow anyway. Hugs, Dru


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