October 27, 2011

Thursday's Adventure

{Friday note: I have revised the story. I can never just let them be I always go back and add, revise, change, rewrite.} 
The Famous Anonymous Kid has been making wallets, card cases and pen top flowers from duct tape, but its called duck tape and comes in all patterns and colors. They are great and I will have to post some photos of them. She talks about it HERE on her blog.

Joining in on Toni's Creative Adventures today....

spooky little painting :)

The Sleepless Night

Creative Adventure #14

1.   Not being able to sleep this one night a few years back during halloween, I twisted and turned in bed and turning toward the hallway I saw the glittering light of the  full moon filtering down through the sky light making a path into the kitchen.

2.   Rising from my bed I  decided to walk to the kitchen and  make a cup of hot tea. There's nothing better than a steaming , fragrant cup of tea in the evening. I had definitely gone to bed far too early and now it was useless to try and sleep anymore.
I walked slowly along that filtered moon path toward the kitchen. It was so magical.  I didn't want to hurry through it.No,  I was enjoying the walk too much.  I found myself smiling , almost giggling as I approached the kitchen. I was even debating going back the other way to walk the little path again.  After all, moon path journeys comes along very rarely. 

3.   This is when I spotted my grandmother  pouring hot coffee into a little white coffee cup.   I stood transfixed as she poured  thick creamy evaporated milk into the hot cup just as she had always done. She stirred it gently with a spoon, then placing the spoon on the saucer,  she slid into her seat at the table to drink it. Her hands cupped each side of the hot cup soothing her fingers and the arthritis that had bent them. Tiny green sprigs of flowers peaked through her fingers all around the cup.
Moonlight played across her curly white hair and streamed gently over her soft sweet face.
 "Ponds face cream" I thought to myself and smiled at the intrusion of the silly thought.
  I thought my heart would burst with emotion as I watched the scene playing out in front of me.
If only it could be real.
I was so engrossed in it all that I didn't even realize the absurdity of the entire thing. 

Nanny had passed away many years ago so how could this be real. Yet, how could I be dreaming?
The events of the last few years had left me longing for her kind words , her dear advice. Oh, how I needed her and  Oh how much I hate being alone in the world.

4.   I was afraid that if I said anything she would disappear but I was afraid that if I didn't I could not keep her there.  I ended up just  standing there  watching, dumbly.
She blew softly on her coffee before she sipped.  She closed her eyes at the pleasant warmth of the coffee and I felt drawn to be closer to her.
I sat down gingerly on the other side of the table, not quite across from her, but near.
 She sipped again and then, turning to me, her gray eyes twinkling,  she said, "There you are. Shouldn't you be sleeping?"
As I opened my mouth to speak feeling years worth of conversation and questions and love welling up inside, she faded and was gone. My head shook involuntarily as I tried to regain the vision.
I took in one long ragged breath then got up from  the table to return to my room. I felt empty now.  
I  grabbed her coffee cup to place in the sink more out of habit than conscious thought.
Her cup, in the sink once again.
 I awoke the next morning almost having forgotten the night before as one forgets any fading dream but  when I  went into the kitchen  her cup was still there in the sink all by itself, waiting to be washed.


  1. Hi Annie;

    What a lovely version of the CA meme. I loved the fact that her "cup" was still in the sink. You are definitely a talented writer along with a talented artist.

    We had 3 inches of snow and no electricity for a few hours as the heavy snow knocked it out. With temps in the 20's last night, it was no fun. They say more on Saturday. Looks like a long winter in my neck of the woods. :-{

    Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    Great CA. I got tears in my eyes because it brought memories back of my Granny :) I loved both my Grandmothers BUT Granny was a big force in our family and I learned so much from her. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I hear a lot of snow stories today from people on the East Coast. Hope you stay warm and I am going to go check out your Granddaughters blog now :) Hugs, Dru


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