October 26, 2011

Wednesday ? Can't Be!

Wind Speed: 20 knots
Wind Direction: SW
Condition: Waist high
Sea State: Rough
Ocean Temp: 62 F
Wave Height: 4 ft 
 Cloudy, showers after  Midnight. Low: 47

Last week was hectic during holidays. For some reason  I felt on the go too much and definitely ate far too many good foods. It kind of slows you down. The new week started with a movie and fun but, after that back to same old stuff. 

I should explain that the novel I am working on is as a ghost writer.I mentioned that in another post.  While you very well might read it, you will not know that I wrote it, not ever. Sorry. And it has no working title as  yet either but even when it is up and published and in stores you will not know which it is.   I mention only by way of blogging about what I am up to in my daily life and that is the project of the moment.

Rain is threatening today, the sea is rough , temperature is lovely and cool but clouds obscure the sun making it a lazy kind of day.

I miss the sound of the summer birds who have finally packed their bags and left for their southern homes. Now the sounds of seagulls and big black crows take center stage and chicadees and others fill in the gaps.I love them all. At some of the darker times in my life it always seemed to me that G-d gave us the cheerful voice of birdsong to bouy our spirits up.
My mother always had a canary in the house. A soft, lovely yellow canary that sings more beautifully than any other birds. Oh, how I adored hearing them sing in the house.  She took such good care of them and they always seemed happy. I think they only sing when they are happy and healthy actually. My mother knew a lot about them so they were well cared for. 

As autumn turns to fall and berries pop up on bushes and trees, Blue Jays and Cardinals show themselves more often too. By the time snow flies, their bright colors will be a striking contrast to the  fluffy cold snow. While they are around all summer long, they blend in more with bright flowers. In fall , though, they show up like colorful beacons on the brown background.

I love the changing seasons though my body rebels at the wild changes in humidity and barometric pressure. But yes, the raisins(Muscats or Golden Raisins) and gin are working and by the way, taste great. See?  Now let me scrape myself up off the floor and get back to work.


  1. How wonderful writing a novel. I started writing about my life....thinking it might interest my boys and their children some day when I am no longer here. I have been bad at getting it done though. Writing is hard when it is about yourself..

  2. Im so not ready for fall. We had such a long wet cold winter and spring that we barely had summer. And now the temps are changing and leaves are turning. I normally love fall but not this yr. I feel cheated. I know in the PNW we get rain but apparently this winter and spring were abnormal for this area and they are predicting another yr like this. yuck.

  3. Lo, writing is hard even when its total fiction!!
    But yes, I hear you. Talking about yourself can be very difficult to do.
    I find it almost impossible sometimes.

  4. Hi Annie,
    Ghost writer huh? Very interesting. All the work and none of the credit. I didn't realize people still had ghost writers ;) I am a pure non fiction kind of reader. I love autobiographies and true crime Ann Rule being one of my favorite writers. Actually there is only one fiction writer that I follow Stephen King. Hope you get some work done today! Hugs, Dru

  5. Hi Annie! Glad you're getting some good furniture buys at HG's and other stores. I love shopping there and I have a guest bedroom with furniture from Pier One. How intriguing about the novel. :) Glad you enjoyed Footloose! I love Julianne Hough from DWTS's! (((Hugz)))


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