October 12, 2011



  1. Hi Annie! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Looking at my desktop Weather it's 94 right now so I'd say we're having an Indian Summer, too! Checking your comments...

  2. No problem leaving a comment as long as it works on your end where you need to approve.

  3. Hi Annie, I had a nice visit here this evening.
    I could not find where to turn off the sea music to hear the Psalm. I am familiar with it but first time in Hebrew. Thanks for sharing it. I always feel peaceful when I visit here. I liked the explanation of autumn and fall. I sure hope we get rain our way. It was 102 today and I hate the hot weather. My fall tree is starting to change on the very top. I have a plumeria blooming now. Have a great week. Hugs

  4. Happy Friday Annie;

    Hmmm, first time I can't see the sundown photo.. All I get is a black background with a white triangle and exclamation point in the middle. LOL! At least it isn't a blank white photo.

    Hope all is well with you my friend. I've finished galavanting with my daughter and have many photos I put on my blog for today and again tomorrow. Have a great day ahead. Hugs

  5. Hi Annie,
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. As Darylynn said we were in the 90's and some areas in the 100's broke a few records for this time of the year :) I can't wait until it gets Fall like.
    Hugs, Dru

  6. Hi Annie,
    Stopping in to say HI and have a great weekend! Whatever you posted for today is not showing up. Sorry!


  7. Ciao Annie, what a peaceful image, lovely! :)
    Greetings from sunny Italy.

  8. Happy Tuesday Annie;

    I love that photo! I always look for different shaped trees to take photos of myself. Hope all is well with you and yours dear friend. Hugs

  9. Hi Annie;

    Dropped in to see what's new and hope all is well with you and yours my friend. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  10. Hi Annie;
    Dropped in to see what's new and hope all is well with you and yours my friend. Hugs


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