November 11, 2011

Another Week is Ending

This week ends on  11/11/11.  Interesting and cool but I doubt there is much significance to it though so many do and are waiting to see what might crop up.
The only cropping up lately is a new island that's being formed in the Canary Islands off El Hierro. It is the result of 10,000 tremors over the last few months. Let's hope all they get out of it is a new bit of land and not a full on volcanic explosion.

Hours and hours have gone into revisions, rewrites and fixes on the book . First half due in tomorrow and there is still work to do and I feel a cold coming on. Though I thought I had beaten it the other day it is pushing its way back so I have taken echinacea which has a great effect on stopping colds in their tracks and I hope that is true this time also.
I have not had much time for anything else this week but I did get a lovely surprise from my family.
  It's a 32 inch HD TV.  It is in the new place and now I must change plans and get the expedit that will hold a television set.   It is going to be nice to see things clearly and on such a nice large screen. I  feel so pampered!  They really are good to me.

Off to bed now after working very late tonight and after I finish this   hot cup of tea with lemon. I ran out of honey so I used sugar and it is just not the same! Honey is needed. Sugar does not cut it.
Til next time.....
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Annie,
    How cool about the new 32" TV now you have to get an HD box and you will be blown away how crytal clear the picture is! I got one for mysels 3 years ago at Wal Mart on black Friday best thing I ever did since I am not a black friday shopper at all. Hope you meet your deadline and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Dru

  2. Happy 11.11.11, Annie! :)
    Hope it will be special for you! Ours is almost over...
    I am enjoying a HUGE cup of tea with lemon and honey right now, want some? :)
    Have a lovely weekend, hope you meet your deadline!

  3. Sweet Annie, what a wonderful surprise. Enjoy watching your big screen my talented bloggy friend xo

  4. Hi Annie,
    Congrats on the new tv, sounds very nice!
    11-11-11 was a special day, because it was my youngest child's bd. Can't believe that kelly is 23!
    Hope you are feeling better and you don't have a bad cold.

  5. Hi Annie, .

    Just thought I would let you know that I have been reading "Cottage by the Sea" for some time now. It's for a different crowd "

    But you know what ... I believe I enjoy this one a little more. It brings peace to my heart.

    Again, I love your God given talent you so willingly share.

    Blessings my friend ...


  6. Have a happy Monday! :)


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