November 14, 2011

More Living Room Plans Afoot

Good Morning.

Now that a TV is in the mix, I think this might be a better solution for the living room.
The left side  is a cabinet with glass doors and can hold my glassware etc. there are lovely deep storage drawers on the bottom , it can be lighted and there is room for some books,and other things. I like the look of it a lot.
It comes in white. But I do like this lovely dark wood. If it will fit the wall I think it will be a nice solution for TV and storage.

 It is warm today, in the 60's. It would be nice if the entire winter were nice like this.

It is early and I did not get enough sleep at all last night. Very little in fact.  So, I am heading back for more.


  1. Love this look!

    Hope you got some more sleep!

  2. How wonderful about the new TV! I like the storage unit and it looks good in black because TV's and blu-ray players, etc... are usually black so it ties in nicely. Good to have a nice wide opening for the TV, too. We have a lovely big Entertainment Center but cannot fit a TV bigger than 40 inches so they can be limiting. We had it before TV's got so big and thin. In our bedroom, Jeff hungs ours on the wall like a painting and no cords or anything shows because he went in from behind thru the walk-in closet. You'll be enjoying Pan Am on that new TV now! :D

  3. I love the shelf too, we have a similar one in our house. I love the darker wood look.

  4. Hi Annie,
    I love the storage unit perfect for a new TV :) I really like the look! Hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Dru


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