November 3, 2011

Moving Along

My next purchase will be the large Expedit bookcase from Ikea. I am hoping to paint it the same color as the living room which is a very pale bluish gray by Glidden called Chilly Morning. If I paint it the wall color I am hoping it will look more like it is  built in.
I would show the color but as monitors differ colors can look so different from real life.

At 6' X 6ft ' X 15 inches deep it should hold quite a lot of books. You can also buy fitted drawers,mirrored doors,  lights, baskets etc for the individual cubbies. I can light it from within or use downlights they sell for it too.
I might even buy a smaller version and lay it on its side in the hallway to hold books.
The Expedit is sold for use as a room divider too but  I chose it for the size, look and price. If I find it needs a back I can always add some bead board as a backing.

  I found an online tutorial that recommends using Zinsser Stain Cover primer before painting.
I had thought of using the black/brown book case but I think because the room is so itty bitty, blending it in with the walls may really be the better thing to do. It will keep the room looking lighter, airier and larger.


  1. Great idea, I have a similar bookshelf in espresso brown (not as many shelves though - the squares are wider and taller) and I love it. It houses many books, my records, piano books etc.

  2. Hi Annie! That will be quite a project paintning all those squares. :) The color sounds great, I love gray blues! I like all the things like mirrors, drawers, baskets, can add to it... that would make it interesting. I don't know if you ever knew Elizabeth but when I first met her in 2002, she lived in New Jersey- she was just across the river from Manhattan so she spent a lot of time in the city. She moved to Mississippi a few years ago- on the coast.

  3. Hi Annie,
    That will look great painted the same as your walls. A second bookshelf sounds great also. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru


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