November 8, 2011

Water Heaters and Cooling Ponds

The hot water heater is on the fritz. It was fixed and new parts put in but it still goes out now and again making things difficult.  It shows you how much you rely on  hot water for laundry, washing, doing dishes, showers. And it reminds you how many times a day you do just those very things. But, it is workable by relighting it if it goes out so for now, it will stay as is.  It gets silly sinking too much money into things and it is only 5 years old or so.

Next comes closing the ponds for the winter. That means removing the UV filters that keep the water crystal clear. They stay clear now all winter as algae does not thrive in the cold. Once the water hits 50 degrees or so you stop feeding the fish also as they go into hibernation.
I am still feeding them as long as the daytime temperatures are above 50. Water stays warmer when its shallow I think.
Busy week revising and editing and not much time for much else.


  1. Ciao Annie, you sure are busy right now. It's fascinating how fish reduce their feeding and drop their heart rates during the long winter months, isn't it?
    Thanks for visiting! Have a lovely evening! :)

  2. Oh yes water heaters...ours barely lasted 5 years and quit last December. Now we pay a yearly water heater rental, which is definitely less hassle. Oh well, as frustrating as it was to deal with the water heater, we were grateful that it broke in the beginning of December and not Christmas Eve when we had company at our house!

  3. Hi Annie! It's interesting how you prepare your pond for winter and it's nice the fish cooperate by snoozing the months away. So far Hayley isn't trying the new litter box so I may have to remove the old one and make her go cold turkey. Will keep you posted! ;)

  4. When we converted from oil to gas 30+years ago we purchased a gas furnace that has coils that heats the water so we don't have a separate hot water heater -- I think it was the best decision we ever made!

    Your ponds are beautiful! The weather has been so unseasonably warm so far this week.


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