November 15, 2011

What are You Like?

   Darylynn found one of the new art posters at Bed Bath and Beyond where words populate a canvas amd serve as art.
Sometimes the words are attitudes, feelings or emotions. Sometimes they are simply train or bus stops. Others are words that evoke certain times or places.
  They are very popular now and are an interesting art form. She answered some of the questions on one she found and challenged us to do the same.
I never got the chance to do her 'homework' and wish I had so here is my attempt at answering.

 Do you ever:
Say something silly:     Oh yes. I love being silly to entertain people.  Especially children.

Laugh til it hurts:   quite often

Take a risk:      I have at  times , sometimes to my own hurt.

tell a secret:          No. I don't reveal things told to me. 

Sing out loud:           Yes. I love to sing.  Just am careful where I do it.

rock the boat:        Its who I am.

Shake things up? :     I have been known to do just that. 

Flirt with disaster?       Not usually. But it can be a life hazard for us all.

Buy something frivilous:     very rare. I only wish I could but I am very sensible with money.

Color outside the lines: yes, ask my old teachers. Once in the 6th grade, our teacher told us that "They lie to the children in the Soviet Union".  I raised my hand immediately and asked him, "how do I know you aren't lying to us?" Yup.Question, question, question.

Cause a scene: No. No no no. Only one time... when a store employee was abusive to his wife and son and my friend and I saw it at the back of the store  and  I spoke up. 

Order dessert:    Yes of course. What fun is eating out if you don't?  I love, love Creme Brulee.I could eat it by the tub full.

Make Waves:     I  surf  waves. I don't make them.

Get Carried away:  I can, yes. But over all I am pretty focused.
Have a Great Day?    When I allow myself and think of good things.

You know you can make your own word art on your computer using various fonts, colors,font sizes. Then print it out , blow it up and frame it. You could  use family names for a genealogy theme or addresses of homes you've lived in, or places you love or have visited.


  1. Hi Annie,
    I enjoyed your answers. I can answer yes to all of them BUT (cause a scene) not in a long time ;) Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Ciao Annie, I enjhoyed your answers :) Hope you are having a lovely week, thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. Hi Annie! Glad you joined in...I wouldn't have guessed you were a boat rocker and I loved your thoughts on the Soviet Union... that was very sophiticated thinking for you at such a young age! You know I did Homework for 4 years! I really was running out of ideas after that long! ;) But it was a great way to get to know one another! (((Hugz)))


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