November 9, 2011

What's Doing....

It has been sunny, very sunny this week and it can go on like that for the rest of fall and on into winter as far as I am concerned.
I am enjoying the new series Pan Am.  It really captures the flavor of the era when commercial airlines were a luxurious way to travel and service was tip top.
The story line is not bad but the atmosphere is what really takes your attention.
Pan Am takes place back to the day when stewardesses had to maintain a certain weight and standard  of looks as well as be young and fit.  Supposedly that was broken when people became more age conscious and it was seen as discrimination.  It is hard not to call it discrimination or sexism when women are judged solely on looks, weight and etc.  But it seems one thing is fixed and a thousand other problems come up to replace it.
One of the stewardesses in the show is acting as a spy which adds a bit of drama to the show.

Brookstone is selling a replica of the Pan Am flight bag for $90.  Those kinds of flight bags are very handy.
That was long ago and far away when air travel was actually glamorous and fun.
Gone are the days. Today flying is more of a hassle than anything else.

 I have also just gotten into watching Desperate Housewives. Yes, I am always light years behind everyone else with  some things like that but I watched an old episode online at Hulu and got interested in what would happen next. I ended up watching a whole bunch of them and wasting far too much time.
What I like about Desperate Housewives is that they have a deceased member of the housewives set narrating the episodes. The narration is done with a calm, detached manner of someone who has been through it all and now looks back and hopes others learn too.
Are  housewives desperate?  Do you recall the quote about people living lives of quiet desperation? I wonder how true that is. That is why the laid back narration is so interesting. It provides such a contrast to the "desperate" lives of the housewives.


  1. I love Pan Am! Sunday's episode was great, however I will miss Niko!!

  2. Hi Annie! I watched a few episodes of Pan Am and I liked the show and era. I also watch MadMen which is so great and it's set in the early 60's, too. If you've never seen that, I would see if you could find it. Start with the 1st season. I've watched Desperate Housewives since Day 1. This is the last season. My best girlfriend flew for PSA airlines in the 70's- they were known for "hot stewardeses" and wore miniskirts and go go boots. She had to wear a wig and false eyelashes. Can you imagine? I just got the funniest video of Hayley telling me her woes about the new litter box! :D

  3. Hi Annie,
    I too enjoy Pan Am the TV show. I guess because I can really relate to those times. Not sure of the show will make it? I hope so.
    Hugs, Dru


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