November 28, 2011

Who Would You Play in a Movie?

We are all missing Toni and  hoping she is soon back in the pink. It isn't the same when some are not blogging. It can be a real gap.

If a famous Hollywood producer was making a big budget film about the life of a famous person from any walk of life, who would you be picked to play?
Whose life would you be able to portray or who would you just like to have the chance to portray? Would it be a real life character or a fictional heroine or a cartoon character?

What about movies already made? Do you think you could be Cleopatra? Scarlett O'Hara or maybe Bette Davis in some wonderful role?

I could be Anne of Green Gables, maybe or Pollyanna if I were a kid.
Pollyanna and Mary Poppins were regular favorites for my kids growing up. They loved those stories.

I am much better from the bronchitis though still on medication. Thanks for your concern. Much appreciated!!
Trying to eat was awful as it made me have coughing spasms, sleep was difficult at times,as well as just not able to take in a full breath. It was just a miserable time of it and I seem to get it every time someone passes a cold along to me.
I would love to see the USA adopt the Japanese habit of wearing medical masks when sick out of consideration and love for others. Even more hand washing and concern for hygiene would be nice.
Why don't school buses spray with Lysol? Have hand sanitizer on the buses like the stores do now?
Our local grocers all have hand sanitizing wipes for your hands and the cart handles and baby seats. It is such a good idea and if people would use them or carry their own, it would cut down on sickness.

 Hope you avoid sickness this winter. 


  1. Here's to a happy, healthy winter. I would like to play Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  2. I never thought of it that way..... I always think of people I know and which actor would play THEM in a movie.

    Now, if it was me, I'd choose Nicole Kidman to play the role of me....
    but if I had to play the role of someone, I think I would like to be Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Hope you're soon feeling better. Those nagging coughs can hang on forever. I think Toni had her 2nd eye surgery today. Her daughter Elena does updates on FaceBook.

    Oh, I know who I would play... in a remake of Gidget! The little surfer girl! :D


  4. Hum, not sure, maybe Alice In Wonderland (I've seen the DVD a few days ago). Hope you're soon feeling better soon. :) I don't like how people behave here when sick. They sneeze on you and they do not even put a hand in front of their mouth when they cough! Even when they are handling your food. Yucky!

  5. Hope you are completely well soon. My husband has problems with colds-they always lead to deep coughs that need antibiotics. I'm usually healthy, knock on wood.

  6. Hi Annie,
    So sorry you were sick during Thanksgiving :( I am very lucky since I don't get sick. The last time I had the flu was 8 years ago when I missed getting my flu shot. Working 2 jobs I can't afford to get sick. The maon thing I have learned is not to touch you fac that is how we transfer germs.

    Good question who I would be and I would have to say a real person and that would br Jane Fonda. I have read both her books and admire her so much.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Hugs, Dru

  7. Hi Annie;

    It's so great to be able to visit again. I have really missed it. I'm doing fine and no more glasses needed. I posted today too. Thank you so much for your well wishes and prayers Annie.

    I think I would like to play the role of Mary Poppins as I'm a child at heart. As for a serious role it would be Greer Garson. I love all her movies.

    Have a great day ahead my friend. Hugs


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