November 30, 2011

Winter Coming?

Photo taken by my home

 I have posted a winter header but then you know that I change them out often. I love monkeying around with the blog in one way or another. This blog is a part of me and who I am so like a little home, I redecorate and play with it.
Winter is approaching and officially arrives on December 21, the shortest day of the year. 
You would not know it by the pleasant weather we have had  this week. The sun is brilliant and the sky is bluer than blue,birds are singing as if it were spring and winter, well, it just seems light years away. Temperatures stayed in the mid 60's. Delightful all in all though it is chillier today.

Weather like this used to be called "Indian Summer", a time when autumn weather was warm and sunny.  I, for one,  would not mind if it stayed this way all through winter.There's been enough of the blizzardy weather for a lifetime.

It's harder to enjoy the ocean in frigid weather but, those of us who are diehard oceanistas really do enjoy it not matter what.
In the depth of winter the bay can take on a mystical look when it is frozen over solid from side to side.
Let that wait, though. I  happy with what is right now.

All I want is a peaceful winter. A winter with some little happiness in it. I need that so much. 
What kind of winter are you hoping for?


  1. This is my third try to leave a comment :( Lucky I copy & paster because I don't trust Blogger :)
    Hi Annie,
    Very pretty header. I hope you all have a mild winter back there. We have been about 10-15 degrees warmer than normal again this year. Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. I meant paste lol not paster ;)

  3. Hi Annie! I love the wintry header! I always look forward to the typical SoCal mixed bag of weather. We've been in the 80's this week and now it's turning cold and we are expecting very cold (usually warm) Santa Ana's with gale force winds tonight. I took a photo of my birch trees with all their golden leaves so will see if they're all gone after this big wind event. The weather forecasters are giddy with excitement. :D

  4. It's been mild here too so far but I've read it's supposed to be a brutal winter this year. We will see.


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