December 2, 2011

Kitchen Fiasco

My Kitchen Window

My kitchen sink was leaking badly. A new tap/faucet was called for. One of the parts did not fit, that was yesterday, today I still have no kitchen and it's Friday.
All the things from under the sink are on the counters and its a mess and , its Friday!!
Now I am sabbath observant, so I do not work from tonight until Saturday night and I do all my cooking for tonight and tomorrow, today. Yikes!
Well I am using the bathroom but what a hassle that is. One of these days a project will get done without all the delays and misfits but, I have no idea when that will be.
It isn't a huge catastrophe, of course, but Friday is not a good day for it.
Well.. not so fast, it is huge. The leak was ongoing and not noticed for a couple years evidently and now the sink underneath is rusted, and the counter is tilting downward. So, really the entire counter top, sink and faucet and maybe a cabinet need replacing, though I will most likely paint the cabinets white and be done with it. They are natural cherry now so, sad really. And, of course I am moving out and letting the 'ex' take the house. I have no choice anymore.
  But, I just will probably only replace the faucet and let that be it. The work needed on the house is major and I just don't have the money for any of it. If I don't leave it will fall down around me sadly.
This is one of those things you look back on and laugh about though, right?? Well I hope so, sigh.
I have been through far tougher things in life.   And it is a chance to be creative and I enjoy that.
 The apartment is moving along nicely also, and I will post some photos and some info on that to show you some progress.
 I am buying furniture for it and must install a tiny kitchen too and waiting on next payment for the book to do that.

Oh on the bronchitis, I am much better , still coughing slightly but overall a lot better! Thank you for your concern I   appreciate it more than you know.
It is in the mid 50's here, sunny, blue skies and lovely. I hope you a lovely Friday and a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.


  1. Hi Annie,
    As my Daddy use to say "there is always a snag" Sorry about your kithen fiasco :( I guess your ex will have to deal with the major part of it. I hope you get all your cooking done for tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Annie ...

    Knowing you as a woman of many talents and strengths, I am sure you will overcome any adversity. You always said you loved your little cottage, so it must be sad for you to leave it. Just don't leave the Lord God there ... take Him with you. And I say that with a smile for you.

  3. I had a kitchen ronovation done yearss ago and had to wash dishes in the bath tub for a few weeks, so I know how annoying this must be, Annie. I'm glad that all you have to do it replace the faucet and not do the big repair job...let your ex deal with that!

  4. If it was me, I'd be using plastic plates and cutlery, and buying take-out until the sink is fixed.
    As for moving.... I just did that, into a much smaller place.... it's wonderful to throw out all the junk and streamline yourself.

    change your place, change your mazal:

  5. Oh my Annie,

    I pray all works out for you soon and you too will be on the mend. I know what it's like to have to leave your home as I went through the same thing for the same reason, too expensive for me. Take care of yourself dear friend and have a peaceful weekend. Hugs

  6. Bummer about the sink. It's always something when you have a house. On the other hand, I like the photo and admire the violets. I never had much luck with them.

  7. Hi Annie,
    Hope all went OK without being able to use yout sick in your kitchen over the weekend? Hope you have a better week and get your sink fixed so you can use it.
    Hugs, Dru

  8. I finally got into blog again and grumped and complained before I read this blog. Hanging my head in shame now..what a mess for you and on Friday! Hope all is better by now and you are feeling better emotionally and physically. Hugs

  9. Ciao Annie! Sorry about your kitchen fiasco, it must be so annoying. Happy birthday to your adorable Famous Annonymous Kid! Adorable pic :) Hubby is a Sagittarius too, but of November. Nice header :) we got our first snow of the season :)


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