December 1, 2011

Sagittarian Birthdays

My Favorite photo of
 The Anonymous Kid

Today is the Famous Anonymous Kid's birthday so a special dinner for her will be on the menu for tonight.
The photo of her is a few years old but one of my all time favorites as it captures her sweetness perfectly.
We are a family of  Sagittarians, the archer . Our family birthdays begin in November and run to January with one Taurus in May, my son.
 Other than that we are almost all children of winter.We all enjoy archery and horses and the outdoors. Typical of Sagittarius if you go by such things. I find it interesting but don't live my life by such things.


I thought I would share a favorite cookie recipe with you. They are variously called Butter Balls, Mexican or Russian Wedding or Tea cookies but whatever you call them they are rich and delicious and very easy to make.
I put the recipe on a 5 X 7 card you can print out if you like.
Just right click , save as a jpg. to your own computer then print it out. Remember where you save it !


  1. Hi Annie;

    My family birthdays are all over the map, but my daughter's was November 26th. I'm a December baby, on the 27th.

    I copied the Butter Balls recipe to hand out to my family. Sounds like a good one for the holidays.

    Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    Happy Birhday to her! We are such a mix. I am a Cancer, Paul is on the cusp of a Gemini and Taurus. Justin is an Aquarus and my sister JFK's B'day a Gemini. I love that recipe for Butter Balls thanks :)

    Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Annie, sorry you have been sick. Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe. I enjoyed the Autumn leaves music. Reminded me of my mom. I miss her even more that last year. Hope you get better soon. Hugs

  4. Happy birthday to your adorable Famous Annonymous Kid! I also have a few favorite Saggittarians in my family :)

    I make the same cookies almost every holiday season--not this year though as I am trying very hard to shed some weight, so I'm not baking anything!


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