December 27, 2011

Sitting Room, Tiny but Taking Shape

You can click the photo to make it much larger.
Its tiny!!!! But it will take shape and will be nice, I hope.
The dimensions? 7 X 10. Yup, very little. But it can hold 3 chairs and bookcases and it is a design challenge.

Across the back wall with the door I will place a wall of bookcases which I hope to make look built in.
I am not sure yet if they will be high book cases or low ones.  A picture or the tv can cover the rest of the door if  I go with the short bookcases.

I would like to place an upholstered chaise lounge on a slant there where the mirror is or at least another chair with a nice foot rest.
There will be two brown wicker chairs on the other side. These are on loan for the time being but they are surprisingly comfortable.
That mirror is really pretty but does not show up here. I found it at Home Goods and paid 39.00 for it though it looks far more expensive. It will go over top of my old wood table there. Its recycled wood and painted.

These chairs are on loan. The cushions are from Pier 1 and are generously thick at almost 4 inches. They are cushy and soft but I think I will recover them in a neutral shade of fabric and might make cushions for the backs as well.
I got these in a chili red because I am basically always drawn to color. But originally I wanted a cream shade. So, now I will cover them and I can have them two ways.
I prefer upholstered chairs but these will do for now and as I said, are very comfortable.
The throw is just residing there for the moment and will be replaced with something else.

The table is from TJ Maxx on sale and I bought a thick round glass to cover it. The lamp is Home Goods and is a mercury glass "milk can".

The door will be repainted to blend in with the wall and the molding removed I think. The bookcases will cover it mostly and then the large flat screen will take up the rest of it.
If I go with tall cases, then it will be definitely covered but, I am just concerned with how they might be.

Here are two ideas for bookcases, one tall, the other about 32 inches in height and represented by the cream colored block against the back wall.
You will have to imagine that things actually fit!
Here are the three quicky   photoshops:

What do you think?
The high is more expensive, while I can build the short built ins from ikea and crown molding.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Your place is looking lovely! I love the bookcase you photoshopped. It is coming together great. When is the big day that you move in?? Hope your Holidays have been good! 1 more day left. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie,
    Everything is looking so nice! I really like what you are doing.
    Hope you are doing well.

  3. I love the way it is looking. Interesting the different stores for finding things isn't it? I think it is looking great, do the easiest bookcases because both ideas are good!

  4. Hi Annie! Things are shaping up nicely! I love HomeGoods. I shop a lot at Pottery Barn but often "use" them for ideas and find things similar at HG's. :) HG's is great for mirrors, paintings and big clocks as well as things like candles, decorative vases, lamps etc... I got the cutest chair for Jacob there. It's like a big soccer ball and you take out a poece and it becomes an ottoman for the chair. All black and white vinyl so perfect for a little boy who spills! :) Jeff just hung a TV for Jessica and Pat today- on the wall like a painting with no cords showing. They love it!

  5. It looks gorgeous. I love that bunny and the wooden table, I want it ! Love the mirror, love the chairs and the red cushions..... I am going to buy something red now, you've inspired me. My sitting room is also very small.... it's a combined sitting room/office and I have a huge desk, which I need, which takes up a lot of space, but somehow it all works. Small is good, I think, it's cosy and easy to keep clean.

    Debbie xx

  6. Thanks everyone.
    I appreciate the comments.

  7. The bookcase is great and I like the red cushions.

  8. I like the tall bookcase. I think it will give you tons of storage since the place is so small. When I downsized from my custom home after my divorce, I looked for pieces that could do double duty. Like a gate leg table I could open up for extra seating for dinners and things that looked solid but would open up for storage inside. It did come in handy. Even now in my small house....I brought my big entertainment ctr I had in the old house. Only there is no room for it in my living room so I use it in my dining room. I filled it with all my china and extra serving pieces that I wouldnt be able to store any where else. But the side doors still hold tapes and such for the tv in the other room. And in fact the cabinet part for the tv in that ctr....was on wheels so it got moved to the living room. I filled the hole with my chinese wine cabinet and decorative pieces. I change that around for holidays since I dont have a fireplace mantel. Think outside the box and you should do fine. :)


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