January 17, 2012

The Mysterious Door

What is behind that door!
The apartment has one bedroom , a sitting area and an office and  is made from a two car garage.
Unfortunately they needed a bit of storage area so when the rooms were built 3 feet of space was reserved for storage.What you see in the picture is part of one side of what was the garage.
I could really use that space in the room but, it is what it is and maybe I will be glad for the  storage too.
I would have preferred  the extra 3 feet of space in the room.
The door leads to a tiny set of stairs and a 3 foot wide by 10 foot long piece of unfinished garage.
The stairs are there because the floor in the garage was built up a few feet off the ground to make the apartment floor. 
That "closet" has this door you see in the photo on one side and the outside garage door on the other. And, as I said, 3 feet of space in between that will store boxes, etc.

I don't have a private entrance because that would have cost more than the budget allowed, no private bath either .. same reason. I will use the house bath and kitchen. Just no money for anything else.
So this was a two car garage and now its partly what you see here.

The TV will go on the wall with the door. I will probably disguise the door either as a window with curtains  or etc. and place short bookcases (Ikea's 31 1/2"wide  by 41 3/4" tall Billy bookcases in white) along that whole wall. The TV will go in the far left corner on the bookcases.
I think that will give me book storage, etc and a place for the TV.
As I said before if I use tall bookcases, though they would cover over the door completely it might make the room look even smaller than it already is and then I have a problem as to where to place the TV. With shorter cases it can just perch on the  top. I suppose I could put one tall bookcase in the middle and two shorter ones on either side but that seems odd to me.
I will have to photoshop that and see how it goes.

Rainy here and warm again after a couple of days of very cold weather.


  1. Hi Annie! Your post title reminds me of a Nancy Drew mystery book. :) Mirrors are always helpful in smaller spaces. Designers often back bookcases or shelving with mirrors, too. I'm sure you'll come up with something that works for you! (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie,
    So why have the door installed at all if you are going to cover it?? I am still confused about that door lol It is looking good though. Still better that you have you own private space even if you have to use your families, kitchen and bath. Hope you don't get too much rain. Hugs, Dru

  3. Awwww, maybe it’s small for you, but I just love what you have done in your space! Delightful! And the bunny caught my eye ;) so cute!
    LOL @ cunctator, I have heard it in a movie. I always love to learn new words and expressions :)
    Enjoy your evening and thanks for the peek :)

  4. Hi Dru, It was not my idea to put the door there at all!
    My SIL decided that. Oh well!

  5. That does present a problem. My hubby has always wanted to make a fake window with a mirror and the window dividers..can't think what called (brain fart). At any rate I know you will think of something we will all applaud!

  6. Hi Annie;

    I finally posted again after a week away. Is that door really necessary? Anyway I'm sure with your talent you'll find a way to disguise it. The room looks good so far. I can understand the lack of funds, living in a HUD subsidized apartment.

    Have a lovely day ahead my fiend. Hugs


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