January 3, 2012

Watching the Night

It is late, or early--2A.M. as I sit on the back porch ignoring the chilly wind and damp air. 
Before me stretches the forest. To the left the bay.
There is a clarity to the air in winter that brings every sound crisply to the ear.

The sound of the rain falling is different than it is in summer and when it snows, the flakes make a soft sound as they layer themselves upon  ground.

  The steady dripping of cold rain off the big red cedar falls into the small pond with a plink and a plunk. Deep beneath the chill surface Mr. Frog and Associates hibernate. Does he hear that sound echoing below? 
The scent of that cedar is good and clear in it's own way. The chill night wind brings that along as well but not as pungent as in summer.

Wind is stirring the papery leaves  left behind by autumn winds and their shaking and rattling wakes the cardinal in his cedar den.   He fluffs his wings, calls for quiet and  nestles back down to sleep the night away. Morning comes soon enough.

Great owl is up. Late night is no hindrance to him. He does not mind the crinkling swamp maple sounds. The plinking droplets are a reminder that a fresh drink is not far away.  He 'whos' from high in the pines back in the forest.  He did not go south with other birds. He has his soft cozy den for warmth even in the coldest of winters and he is satisfied to sit there and let me "who" back at him.  Can he see me? His eyes are sharp as an eagle but he can hear me and I can hear him.  We chat back and forth for a bit until he loses interest.

I am sleepy but in no hurry to leave.


  1. Another poetic post from Annie. :) Re your previous post-Jeff's cousin makes DVDs for a living (in Minnesota) and has done one on Big Foot- it's called "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science and it's narrated by Stacy Keach. I think it was for Discovery Channel.

    The card holder was from Pottery Barn- an online only thing. It was too expensive at $49.00 but I got a coupon for $25.00 off a $50.00 purchase and then there was a free ship day so I ordered it for the holidays. I've checked back (Susan asked about it, too) and they are no longer available. Maybe it's seasonal and they'll be back. (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie;

    Love this post. You had me wishing for more. It read like a book. As you say in the last line, I am sleepy but in no hurry to leave. One of my favorite pass times nowadays is sitting by my window at dusk or early dawn gazing outside. Thank you for sharing my friend. ;-}

  3. Hi Annie, and once again: happy 2012 to you and yours!

    I have to catch up on quite a few posts I missed. It’s almost impossible to be online with my mom and dad here, but I am really enjoying their company. We are all still looking forward to celebrating an Italian holiday tomorrow (the Epiphany, Jan 6th), and my mom will make us some traditional dishes, yum! :)

    Love the snow photo you posted! We only had one sunny day so far, and a couple of hurricane-force storms, but we are ok and safe, so all is good. I sure hope the New Year will be more serene soon ;)

    I would not mind seeing the Loch Ness Monster, LOL! ;)

    A fab new header, you are very talented!

    *huggles* and much happiness.

  4. Beautiful my friend, poetic words that created a beautifulimage. Thank you xo


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