February 1, 2012

Happy February.

February has dawned with temperatures in the 60's. Spring like. A chill in the air , a jacket necessary but a far cry from the deep snow of the past couple of years.
Buds are springing to life in places and, of course, if it decides to become colder quickly, they will die and spring will not happen, fruit trees will bear no fruit this summer and it could be a disaster.
Let's hope it is not.

There could be an early spring and I suppose the groundhogs will let us know tomorrow which is ground hog day.
The ground hog family that lives under my backyard shed is lead by Mr. Beaver. That is his official name. He received that name the day he and my daughter had a run in at the backyard.
She was returning from school, books in arms, her school uniform all bunched up under her bulky coat, her legs freezing in the cold she rounded the corner of the house that meets the back yard.
There was Mr. Beaver enjoying the left overs of a ziti dinner that had been tossed in the garbage that morning. His little hands held a goodly helping of it and his little face was smeared with sauce.
He yelped, she yelped, they ran their respective ways and a tenuous friendship was born that day.

Two years ago now, Mr. Beaver took a wife and 3 little groundhogs emerged that

spring to roll and romp around in the backyard much to our ooo's and aww's.

So the backyard menagerie consists of 4 chipmunk families, one under the back porch, a few others in various places, one groundhog family, one skunk who passes by occasionally to delight us with scent. A fox that likes to scream and howl, and a great owl who serenades us nightly in summer and hordes of raccoons that come and go.

My disposal unit is my backyard where I toss scraps, old apples not eaten, potato peels, lettuce and cabbage leaves etc. They are quickly eaten by one and all.
I am sure the animals have even erected a neon sign on the trail behind the house to point out our al fresco buffet.


  1. Dear one, you have again blessed my heart. Each of your blogs shows a different level of your heart ... and that's good. I love how you see nature and God's creatures. So, thanks for placing a smile back on my countenance once again.

    Blessings ...


  2. Hi Annie,
    How many years has the groundhog lived with you?? I was curious because you said your daughter first saw him coming home from school. That is lovely you have all those animals living with you. Most recently they found a total of 3 baby mountain lions a few blocks from my house. We see deer, coyotes, mountain lions, possums, racoons and lots of squirrels in my area and mostly up in the Burbank Hills where the kids live. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs, Dru

  3. Same as Dru... didn't know they had such a long life expectancy! I hope the groundhog doesn't see his shadow tomorrow so winter doesn't come and harm the new little buds that think it's spring already! Funny you showed a dormouse because I just mentioned one in my Feed Your Head post about the Jefferson Airplane song and was wondering if I spelled it right with only one o. (((Hugz)))

  4. Thanks Carl! I am happy you enjoy reading.

  5. Groundhogs change I suspect. Different generations of them come and go. But the den under the shed always has a family or a single living there.

  6. LOL! Annie;
    You are truly a blessing to the creature families that live in your backyard. You have definitely made my evening. BTW, "Mr. Beaver's" groundhog relation did see his shadow and we supposedly will have 6 more weeks of winter. I'm still waiting for winter to arrive. ;-} Have a lovely day ahead dear friend. Hugs

  7. Hi Annie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I would love to live where you live. I'm in an apartment now but I used to live in a home with a large treed backyard where birds and other small animals would grace us with their presence. I miss that. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  8. I often wonder if my tossings into the compost are actually being composted lol. While I dont want to invite the critters, I have woods all around me so its kind of hard not to have them. I try to toss things in my yard now and then so they expect it there. I figure maybe I can distract them from my garden. :)


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