February 27, 2012

Tired and Lazy

Since being in the hospital and taking so many meds I have been sleepy and listless the past week and am spending most of my days snoozing and lazing around.  It is not me and its hard for me to just lay back and relax  but its been nice to catch up on rest which I have been deficient on for some time. Perhaps it is also healing in some way also.

Days have been so sunny lately but  the weekend was very windy.   March is going to come in like a lion it seems and maybe it will go out like a lamb.
I watched a bit of the Oscars but it was boring and so I didn't make it for long!
 I liked Ellie Kemper's dress . Angelina Jolie had a hard look I think.
Harper's Bazaar  choose Gweneth Paltrow as best dressed.
What did you think if you watched?


  1. I loved the whole Oscars thing, I thought it was better than last year, or maybe I was just in the mood for it.... I also thought Angelina looked hard. Can't think who was best dressed, nothing really stood out for me. Between J.Lo's nipple protrusion and Angelina's leg baring moment, it was all a bit ridiculous.

  2. I didn't watch them being in Europe. I just watched the highlights the next day and I usually look at what everyone wore. I really liked Meryl Streep's dress.

  3. Hi Annie, I guess you must be on the mend and need that sleep and down time. I actually loved Angelina's dress and Jennifer Lopez's 2 dresses she wore were gorgeous and just a rumor there was a mishap I heard on the news someone saw a shadow and thought it was something else I guess wishful thinking huh? Michelle Williams look lovely as did Clooney's girlfriend. I thought all the dresses were lovely this year actually. Have a great Tuesday. Hugs, Dru

  4. Ciao Annie. I have never seen the Oscar in my life. I never remember.
    Hope you are on the mend :)
    Have plenty of rest! xo

  5. Annie, I'm so sorry that you've been feeling under the weather. I pray that you are back 100% very quickly. In the meantime, relax & pamper yourself. Sometimes these times of being 'forced' to do much of nothing, turns out to be a great blessing in many ways.

    I'm sorry I've been absent. Well, I've not really been absent, as I read your every post (I visit all my reads). I just haven't commented since I've been away from my blog. I'm sorry for that, but didn't want others to think I'm back, only to visit & find me still gone. I know - faulty thinking! I'm posting at My Simple Woman's Daybook, & hopefully that will bring me back to blogging. I do miss you all! Please feel better soon Annie. You are in my prayers. Hugs!

  6. Annie, I just left you a long comment, & it went into cyberspace. :( I'm sorry, but can't re-type it all. I'm so sorry that you are feeling under the weather, & I pray that you are feeling 100% very soon. Sometimes these times of not being able to do much of nothing, are needed. So please relax & pamper yourself!

    I know I've been absent for awhile now, but I've been reading my reads - just not commenting, as I didn't want others visiting my blog, only to find me still gone. Faulty logic, I know. I do miss all of you! I've began posting at my Simple Woman's Daybook, & hopefully that will lead me back to my daily blog. I do miss you Annie, & I was so happy to see your comment. Please feel better soon!

    1. Both came through!
      Thanks for prayers Judy. Much, much appreciated as I know I have only one real physician and that is God.


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