March 29, 2012

40 Things to Blog About....maybe

People are very interested in other people's lives.

We drive by houses and look into the windows.
Oh yes you do! Don't you dare deny it! It's not to spy on people but, because we are eager to see how others decorate and live.
Humans are curious by nature, yes, but we also have a deep inate need to connect with each other and one way we connect is by sharing our thoughts and everyday experiences.
It doesn't really matter how boring you might think your life is. Others will not. Even if you are housebound, bed bound, work bound, others want to share it with you and know how you feel about it and how you manage.
People are so curious they even want to know what brands you use! Yup, they really do.

Here are some ideas to blog about.....
  1.   A typical day in  your life or, conversely a very atypical day in your life!
  2.   Weekly menus
  3.   Home decor and decorating. Tell us what you love/hate about your home/garden/area and why. Ask for help if you need it!
  4.   Projects, crafts that you are doing:sewing, pasting, painting, writing, reading, listening.
  5.   A trip
  6.   Family news
  7.   Seasonal posts. How you feel about the season, why you love/hate it. Do  your eating habits change? Do you like seasonal sports, activities? Do you decorate by season?
  8.   Regional gossip.. ie, whats going on in your area or province, state or town or even in your country.
  9.   Real estate in your, etc.
  10.   Photos of your area (blur out street signs, small store names too for privacy if you need to.
  11.  How you do your housekeeping
  12.  Something that catches your eye in the news
  13.  Cute sayings or things you hear about
  14.   A piece of furniture  or room that you especially enjoy and why. Photo maybe?
  15.    Brands you use and why you like them
  16.   Places you go both ordinary and extraordinary
  17.   How you clean and maintain your house.
  18.   Life lessons you can share.
  19.  Things you have learned and can share with others.
  20.   Books that you read
  21.   Things, people and ideas that changed you or your life.
  22.   Holiday traditions
  23.   Your school days
  24.   funny stories and things that happened to you or your friends and family.
  25.   Your personal view and why  you  hold it.
  26.   Highlight someone else's blog
  27.   places you visited and how you liked/disliked them
  28.   parties you've attended and why/why not you liked them.
  29.   Ideas for the home, trips, etc.
  30.   Make a poll , find out about others.
  31.  Create a questionnaire and learn about others likes/dislikes/opinions.
  32.  Fashion and fashion trends
  33.   Your garden, your surroundings because even photos of your surroundings outside can be cropped and made interesting.  You can take hundreds of photos of vignettes of trees, plants and never get the same photo twice!  Cropping it to highlight a particular area, bird, flower can make it wonderful and interesting.
  34.   Blog about things you notice in nature . Things outside your window, on rides to the store , etc.
  35.   Travelogs.. tell us about your city or state and why  we would just love to visit there.
  36.   Your pets. People adore pets and love to hear about their antics and routines.
  37.  Your school days. Tales from your past.
  38.   Local myths, tales, legends.  
  39.   Historical things you know or find out about..share them!
  40.   Songs that have meaning to you.  Anything special in your life.

Even your boring day to day life is interesting to others. It just really, really is.


  1. I completely agree. I admit, I have been known to drive by my old houses I used to live in to see if anything's changed! hehe

    Great ideas for posts.

  2. Hi Annie!
    Yes, I admit when I drive by other people's houses I like to take a look. :-)
    Great post, lots of ideas! Thank you Annie.

  3. Happy Friday Annie;

    Well I could actually say I don't drive by other people's houses and take a peek. ;-} Great list! #6 is my post today about family news. It's a sad day for me but a happy day for my granddaughter. Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs

  4. Hi Annie! Happy Friday! What a great post. I'm going to bookmark this post just so I can come back and grab some ideas. lol

    Btw, I am always driving by peeking. lol I'm always curious how people have their homes decorated. I LOVE home decor. lol Thank you for your idea, I loved your idea of white curtains and used it in the room. What a difference it made! I hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

    1. Hi Annie,
      Second time trying to comment :( Great post. Hope you had a great weekend. Hugs, Dru

    2. testing not sure if my comment is going thru??

  5. Ciao Annie, happy April! :)

    40 nice ideas, indeed, alas there are too many things I could write about, but not enough time. :(
    I sure love to read/hear tales from the past. :)
    But no, I do not drive/walk by houses and look into the windows. Oh no, I do not! :)
    BTW, will you use these 40 ideas for 40 new posts? :D

    Hope you are having a lovely evening. We had a lovely sunny week, but snow is on the forecast for tomorrow… what?? :( Hope it’s just a April Fools’ Day thingy, LOL!

    Have a lovely Monday ahead! xo

  6. Hi Annie, I use to look too but now I enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. I like to take my grand daughter for a walk and try to see it with her eyes. I use to love and sit and look our my front window as I read for knit. But a few years ago got this huge big screen tv and it sits in front of the window. I am planning on getting new curtains and I want to change the valence. I want floral with black in it and I want to accent with black picture frames. Have a great week! Hugs

  7. Okay..yes I have looked in a window or two. I love the ideas you posted for blogging about. I think sometimes I get "bloggers block" Now I have some ideas, thanks

  8. Hi Annie! That list reminds me of the one I had when I was doing "Homework" online. Did you ever hear about that? I did it for 4 years and gave report cards (all A+) to all my students. Sometime I had over 100 blogs to visit to read HW. At the end, we all graduated. I'm sure your list will be helpful for those wondering what to blog about! (((Hugz)))


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