March 26, 2012

Weathermen.. Hmmph

It' sunny as can be
Gale warnings are flying because of the wild winds that are blowing

And we are told that we will dip down to a low of 27°F  tonight.
No, it is just not acceptable.
Nature will not be amused either when trees beginning to bud may lose their flowers and fruit for the year.  I am hoping the weatherman is completely wrong this time. It could spell very bad news for farmers whose fruit trees are coming into blossom soon.

I recall spring snows years ago though. So these things do happen from time to time but, we were told last week that the coming days would bring high unseasonable temperatures. Nope.

Wind Speed: 10 knots
Wind Direction: SW
Condition: Overhead
Sea State: Light chop
Ocean Temp: 55 F
Wave Height: 7 ft


  1. It was such a blustery day that my whole car shook from the wind! Right now it is 40 degrees in Brooklyn, so I also hope the blossoms will survive this dip in temperature.

  2. Spring weather-you never can predict it. My birthday is at the end of March and I can't tell you how many times it snowed then.

  3. brrrr that sounds very cold, keep warm. Once again a beautiful header for your blog!


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