April 12, 2012

And Then it Was Thursday......

The weather has been chilly at night and cloudy during the day but humidity is low for a change. Odd for this part of the country to have low humidity but it feels nicer when it is low. Especially for my spine.

I may be going to Ikea in the next week and I will take some photos of my big adventure if and when I get there. 

Do you remember my post on Lena, the little Italian girl sitting on a street corner
and selling baskets and pretzels to help her mother?   Her poor dress so torn and old.
 I contacted a historian/genealogist who was interested in her and we have corresponded back and forth. It seems my research on her proved to be very helpful. I had hoped it would be.
 He will be interviewing two of her daughters, both in their 90's now and still alert and happy.
Here is the original post on her.
Lena has no grandchildren by her children but does have a great niece with whom he spoke .     I am very excited to find out more about this darling girl. It is odd how you can become so attached to someone you never met and who is decades apart from you but Lena  reached out and touched my heart across time.

Lena would be around 115 years old now.

I will again be offline for a few days as the spring holidays come to an end and I hope you all have a glorious weekend .
Make happy memories and don't forget to smile often!


  1. Hi Annie! I was just out visiting blogs and saw it said you posted 3 minutes ago! :) One could think I was a stalker! ;) Hope you've been enjoying the holidays and all the special food! Glad you're finding out more about the little Italian girl. :) Hope your back is doing better! (((Gentle Hugz)))

  2. I came to see if you posted today and YES you were here. So good to "see" you here. I look forward to more posts later after you have enjoyed the holidays and rested up. Oh how I wish I had an Ikea around to shop at. Enjoy and see you soon.

  3. Just dropping by to say hi :)
    Hope your back is doing ok now.
    Enjoy your wee break and your family.
    Happy Monday ahead!

  4. Hi Annie;

    I'm back online and I see I've missed quite a bit. How wonderful to have your research help the historian on the Italian girl. I remember your original story. I look forward to more posts on what you find out about her and her family. Hope your holidays were blessed and pain free my friend. Take care and read you soon. Hugs

  5. Hi Annie! Just doing a little Blog hopping! I LOVED reading your post about Lena. How wonderful that you were able to get more information on her. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your week!

  6. Hi Annie, my name is Nancze and I found your blog through my good friend Darylynn. I would love to continue to visit and will add you to my blog list. I hope you enjoy your time away. Your blog is lovely and very inspiring. God Bless and Hugs!


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