April 24, 2012

Another Day...

The day long rain filled the ponds to overflowing and replaced some water. I love that. The ponds are both completely natural now and contain not a stitch of anything but real natural water from aquifers and rain.
I used to fill the ponds using my well but now rain is enough to keep it up except on the hottest of days in summer.

I am spending today working on the computer.
Hope your day is lovely whatever you are doing.

garden visitor
Bunny Comes to Visit


  1. Hi Annie,
    Great pictures of your little visitors. That is great the ponds have been filled. Must look beautiful. Have fun on your computer!
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie, we have one pond on our property that solely depends on rain for water to be in it. During the droughts it was miserable and expensive as we have to use our water to water the cattle and horse. Live rurally our water is very expensive anyway as is our electric. Somehow we always manage though. Love the pictures. The little animals are so cute. Our dog keeps the rabbits and small animals away. :( Love and Hugs!

  3. I live close to a river and it is high. We have had lots of rain and the wind has been very strong too. Today though (Wednesday) it is sunny, calm, and 64 degrees.


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