May 7, 2012

Blog Ideas...

Not sure why I waited so long to post something like this. It is long overdue.
I didn't like that Blogger offers a generic default anonymous avatar with no personality and since some people don't have an avatar of their own I added one.
You can do it too if you follow the instructions  HERE
Now, on this blog I used the first option and it worked. The second one, the update, I had to use on my other blog because the first did not work. So, experiment.
Remember to back up your blog first! Do that in XML and follow the instructions but, also you may like to copy the entire thing and paste to notebook as I do.
It is very easy to do and I think it makes things a lot nicer.
Just keep your image on the small side and host it somewhere like tinypic or photobucket,etc.
To see how it worked out check out this post and look at the avatar by the little anonymous comment . You can use any kind of face or photo you wish.
I just tried a little animation of potted flowers.
You can find some great ideas for your blog online.

One site that I really enjoy and that gives very easy to use instructions is Blog Bulk.  She does a great job helping you out.
Right now I have found that the add CSS function in blogger can screw up your entire blog. It will probably improve once Blogger finishes changing everything over.
No problem you can add right into the html yourself. Just remember to add where instructions say.
And if they don't say I might be able to help you find out.
Blogger can be personalized a lot if you just experiment a bit. Just always keep your blog saved because accidents do happen.

Additions I have made on this blog were to add a double line around the outer border between the white and the outside background.  On the scribe based templates you can add an image there. That is a great template to use if you are using old Word Press templates etc. as you can layer things.
I also have added my own personalized blockquote and a dropcap for the beginning of sentences.
I also added the border around each post.

Here is a sample blockquote:
The rain in spain falls mainly in the plain because it is such a pain.
Little lambs follow Mary as she trips lightly through the dust covered plains of Spain.
Blockquotes are easy to do and you can make them so many pretty ways.
Hope this was a help to someone.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Really cool blog tips! I tried to fool around in blogger a little but I am so use to WP I didn't much like it even though it is free and I pay $90 a year for hosting my WP blog. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie! Yes, thanks for the blog tips and links. I have tried to encourage my blog buds to make their own "favicon" so you have a personalized one instead of an orange B in the reads list. It's really easy to do with sites that will turn a graphic or photo into a favicon.

    That's great that Garfield still carpet surfs! It would help Hunter to have some activity as well as a new diet! :) He was stalking a bird this morning but I don't think he could catch one if he tried! (((Hugz)))


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