May 9, 2012

Raining Buckets

And the rain keeps coming.

O n a positive note, the plants are loving it and the ponds are topped off with fresh rain water yet again.

The fish love to play in the rain drops as they bounce on the surface of the water. They really do like to play.
I have watched the seagulls play also but they play in the wind and updrafts. They like to catch an updraft and ride it way up high just riding on the surface of the wind.  Then, they break free and soar down and around and back again to catch another draft.
Outside the Rhododendron has burst into bloom.   It should have been trimmed back as it now covers a few windows almost completely. They just grow and grow.


Garfield sends his best...

Have a  wicked happy Wednesday as they would say in Maine.....


  1. I am glad you are enjoying your "liquid sunshine" and love the pictures. Guess I didn't know you had a Garfield! Love him...he looks so much like my Boots (who had no boots) and is now in kitty heaven.

  2. Garfield is adorable! :D
    That's a lovely Rhododendron.
    Have a lovely evening! xo

  3. Hi Annie! Hunter says hello to Garfield and wonders if he has any food to spare! ;) The Rhododendron are beautiful! Happy mid-week!

  4. Hi Annie,
    Garfield is adorable. When I was in Boston a few years back to visit my boyfriends family "wicked" was used a lot! I loved the accents and expressions there. We have been hot hot hot but cooling down a little today. That is cool about the seagulls like playing in the wind and the fish playing in the rain. Hope you have a wicked afternoon :) Hugs, Dru

  5. It rained the whole day today....cold rainy......where's my sun? :)

  6. I havent been around much, first a job that I ended up quitting and now Im sick with shingles and am not online much. Just wanted to pop by tho, because your blog is one I love to read. My Rhodies are in bud right now. We have had weird weather here this spring. And now this week its going to be hot, hot, hot, which we rarely get, even in summer. Maybe this heat will make mine burst out in flowers too. :)


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