June 1, 2012

Week's End

The week was not busy for me, my only excuse in not posting much was my hurting back. It took the wind out of me. But, I need to keep up a regular life despite it as much as I can.
This weekend will the the Famous Anonymous Kid's piano recital. I will post about that on Sunday night.
The weather has been rainy and humid and generally not nice. The plants in the yard are wild.
Still hoping to get to Ikea, which never happened. So, everything is on hold until I can.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Have fun at Famous Anonymous Kid's piano recital.
    Beautiful photo! :)

  2. The rain has come to my house. It has been pouring all day. We need the rain but sheeesh! I hope your back gets to feeling better. Try to enjoy the Lords liquid sunshine and I will too!

  3. Happy Friday Annie,
    I have an IKEA down the street from me and I don't think I have been in there in over 5 years. Have fun at the Famous Anonymous Kids recital. I will look forward to Sunday's post.
    Hugs, Dru
    P.S. Pretty photo :))

  4. Kia and Zeno03 June, 2012

    Hi Annie, have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Hi Annie!
    Happy Sunday. Hope you had fun at the Famous Anonymous Kids recital.
    Take care


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