July 27, 2012


taking a snooze on Mom's bed

Big storms went racing through the area but today was sunshine filled and hot.

Garfield has taken to sitting on my desk as I type. I am not always fond of it and he has to get down each time but, that does not stop him.
He is my good pal and likes to stay close.
He comes when he is called and loves to drink out of a glass with iced water.
He is a classy cat you see!
He was born in a dresser turned buffet in the dining room when my kids were still little.
His mommy popped into the house for a 'visit' and stayed.  Voila.. 5 kittens. We kept 2 and our Vet's staff adopted the others.  His brother Sandy passed on just a few years ago now but Garfield is still here. The 'birth buffet' is now my desk and Garfield is my best buddy. We do everything together. He sticks to me like a starfish.

Icy Cold and refreshing on a hot day
I took this photo of him enjoying a nice glass of cold water.  He drinks more when its in a glass than when it's in his big bowl.
I have always kept a huge mixing bowl with a rubber bottom for my pets so they have a lot of water. I have continued that even though I only have Garfield now.  But, for him, this glass goblet is the only way to go.

The new header is inspired by Darylynn's trip to the mountains and my interpretation of a mountain lake.  Its nothing great and done in half an hour but I kind of like the bright color of it.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with good blessings


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  2. very nice header and I am chuckling at the goblet - pretty cute!

  3. Hi Annie,
    I love Garfield drinking out of that goblet! Yes cats can be our best friends. When I retire and just work part time I will add a doggie to the family :) My Lily has to be right here when I am on my computer also. Billy Elliot cares less what I am doing. Hope you had a wonderfuk weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  4. Your header is beautiful, Annie and I love the photos of Garfield--- so cute with his hands up like that. Kalani always shields his eyes when he naps. Garfild is classy to drink from a glass of ice water. Cooper is our ice eater. I can't get ice without him running to get some. He thinks it's a big treat so I let him think that! ;) Enjoy the week ahead! (((Hugz)))


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