July 30, 2012

The End of the Music

I am listening to Tony Martin sing "La Vie En Rose" and enjoying the gorgeous weather today. Beautiful outside. Not too hot, not too anything. Just right.

With the death of Tony Martin at 98, the era of great music is about done.
He is one of the last of that great generation that could really sing.
There are still some stations on AM radio that play that music but less and less. So
We get little in the way of real music or talent today.
I was born out of time and I am a serious fan of old time radio shows.
I grew up with this music as my mother adored all of it and I would play her old records over and over again  up in the attic. Everything from Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford, Mantovani to the 101 Strings.
Music was beautiful once upon a time.

Thanks for the music Tony and God speed.


  1. Music was beautiful.......once upon a time

  2. I love La Vie en Rose! He had such a great singing voice, I feel people from that era learned to sing and intone their words far better than today, too many people sing and speak very nasal.

  3. Anonymous30 July, 2012

    Hi Annie;

    I loved Tony Martin, my favorite movie of his was Ziegfield Girl with Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner, James Stewart and Judy Garland. So true that the great music era of the 40's & early 50's are gone as are most of singers of that era. Every time TCM has an old musical on TV I always watch no matter how many times I've seen the movie. My grandmother (maternal) used to take my older brother & I to the movies twice a week in the 40's. ;-} Thanks for sharing the videos. Hugs

  4. Ciao Annie, thanks for sharing the videos. :)
    Have a lovely week!

    To reply to your question, we have both a DRSL (a Pentax K-m) and a P&S (Canon).

  5. Hi Annie,
    Yes we only have a few old crooners left and Tony Bennett comes to mind right away. Tony Martin will be missed but his music lives on. Have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  6. I don't have much memory of him but he sounds familiar. My moms generation is passing away at light speed these days, makes me wonder what she thinks of that. Have a great day Annie. big hugs

  7. Did I ever tell you that Jeff's grandfather, Gordon "Felix" Mills was musical director for CBS Radio's "Silver Theater" from 1937‐1947? You can google his name and find out about him. He was a composer and arranger, too. He did a lot of work with Disney, also. Tony Bennett is who I thought of, too, when they first mentioned the death of Tony Martin. (((Hugz)))

  8. Hi Anne;

    Dropped in to wish you a happy Wednesday. Have a great day. Hugs

  9. Hi Anne, I will have to ask my dad about Tony Martin. I was just talking to my dad about the movies made in the 40's and 50's. I loved watching the musicals with my mom. I like the windchime in here. I got a windchime in Maui. I have lots of them. Have a great week. Hugs


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