Oct 19, 2012

Friday Doings

Rain all night long but this afternoon a touch of
sunshine is peeking through the fall colored leaves and promising a nicer day to come. I think it might be lying though, since the weather man says more rain but we will see. After school today the Famous Anonymous kid and I will be preparing tomorrows lunch and dinner together. I will be having dinner at their house tonight which is around 125 steps from my house, just around the corner.
I hope you all have a beautiful weekend whatever you do or don't do!


  1. I had to go into Manhattan this morning and dodged all the raindrops to and from the subway. I admired all the cute rubber boots so many young women were wearing.

    Glad you are having dinner with the Famous Annonymous kid tonight! Have a cozy weekend, Annie.

    PS: Your header painting makes me smile every time I see it :)

  2. Have a great weekend, enjoy your dinner!

  3. What a beautiful autumn photo! I love the black corners... reminds me of my mom's old photo albums where we used to use those corners. It's been raining here, too, and we need it. We have new sod by our mailbox that I'd been watering several times a day in our heatwave so now I don't have to go out and do that. Enjoy the weekend with the FAK and family!

  4. We had some rain here too. The leaves are covering the backyard. I will be posting a picture on Monday...the wall is done....AMEN!

  5. Hi Annie, nice picture of the tree and I like your pumpkin siggie too. We have nice fall weather today. I miss Elizabeth too. Have a great week! Hugs

  6. Hi Annie;

    The rain missed my area and yesterday was a nice partly cloudy day. I love the Autumn photo of the trees. We are peek here in color and past peek just a little north of me. Your pumpkin cup siggie is adorable! Have a lovely day ahead. Hugs

  7. I miss rain. I am so hoping to see some rain this week. Weatherman just said maybe snow! I screamed at the television what about Autumn! where is Autumn? xo

  8. What a beautiful picture! They are calling for rain for us this weekend but I hope they are wrong. That hurricane is threatening to hit the east coast. :( Hugs.


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