November 19, 2012

Busy Week Ahead


This is a busy week with shopping and cooking.
Oldest daughter and the Famous Anonymous Kid
  Thursday is  my daughter's birthday as well as Thanksgiving.      So I will be celebrating with my family and a big dinner in the mid afternoon.
I've been requested to make pumpkin pie, bourbon pecan pie and a mocha/chocolate cream pie, along with my stuffing ,potato kugel, kishka and a few other things. The cream pie has no dairy cream in it but you would never know.
 Whew...  wondering how I will get everything done.

It is cloudy today and looks like it could rain  though the weatherman says nope. It is the kind of day that calls for frequent cups of tea and coffee and coffee is what I am making right now.
What do your cloudy days call for?


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter and you who made it possible. Yummm the food your fixing sounds oh so good. Enjoy your holiday and have a thankful wonderful day.

  2. Your pies sound wonderful! Sounds like you will be busy. We've had cloudy, chilly days here in Florida too and I've been sipping my share of chamomille tea with honey. Happy birthday to your daughter. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Hi Annie! Between your pies and kishka, my mouth is watering. A cold and cloudy day usually calls for sleep. lol Happy Birthday to your daughter and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family. Hugs.

  4. Hi Annie,
    Yes, I have the munchies now, reading all the yummy meals you'll be making :) It's cloudy here today and we got a bit of snow, just a sprinkling of it, overnight. More on the way, too. Totally the same as you on these types of days... coffee. Can't seem to get enough of it :) Have a terrific Tuesday! ((hugs))

  5. A cold and cloudy day calls for a good book and plenty of coffee and tea. :) Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Ah, I am at the library and here I can comment, but from home I can not. :( I am having major problems commenting lately.


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