November 28, 2012

Late in November...

It rained all day long yesterday and people inland and north had some snow from what I hear.   I am happy it was simply rain and today is sunny with a smattering of clouds here and there but it was nice to wake up to sunshine after days of November gloom.
But where did autumn go? It is almost December and it was just August. No good. Tempus Fugit far too fast.
We ate ourselves silly last Thursday and we are all now rolly polly and chubby chunkies ! What a disgrace but it was fun anyway.
I will do some shopping... the Famous Anonymous Kid has a birthday this weekend.
So many  in my family are born in late November and December.
I am working on a winter version of the header I have been using. Though I miss using the thinner ones and changing them up more often. And I am cleaning up a few things left undone.
What are you up to?
Inquiring bloggers want to know!
Happy Wednesday....
ps.. note on the side that I changed my blog email. My personal email remains the same but the official blog email is no longer ymail as it would not accept a siggie..raspberries to yahoo!


  1. Happy Wednesday Annie,
    I did very well on Thanksgiving day I am on my "cruise diet" so I stuck to it and will through the Holiday's. Hope your sunshine sticks around for you all day today. Have a great day.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie! We are expecting rain here, too. We go back and forth between winter and summer it seems. Glad you enjoyed the carrots again... I love the combo of sweet carrots with that kick of horseradish. :) I did a little Cyber-Monday shopping on my iphone while away but my eyes couldn't focus long distance after that for about a half hour! My eyes must be getting old! ;) (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Annie, I am in Las Vegas, staying at my son's time share. We are going out tomorrow evening by ourselves and then we will stay with the baby so they can go out Friday. We will all go to the Bellagio on Saturday. It is nice to go away. Hubby works for the Post Office so this is a bit of rest and no stress before his last Christmas season at the PO. He retires at the end of Jan. Hugs

  4. Hi, Annie. I agree that the time has flown! Soon it will be a new year. Have a lovely evening.

  5. Hi Annie;

    We were supposed to get snow showers but instead it was a partly cloudy day with the sun peeking in and out. My doctor's appointment was cancelled until Monday. I spent the day doing light housework and catching up on shows I had DVR'd. Today I get to go shopping with my son. With time going so fast I was also caught up in rushing the holiday decorations. I'm not really like that as I hate rushing the seasons.
    Happy birthday to the Famous Anonymous Kid. a lot of family members have Nov. & Dec. birthdays too.
    Have a lovely day & weekend my friend. Hugs


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