November 2, 2012

Scene in My Little Town

            Weather predicting another Nor'easter next week. Ain't life grand?

 The street is by the back bay here, the salt marsh. There are homes along it.
The ocean rushed into the bay, the bay rushed into the salt marshes and lagoons.
No gas here, no traffic lights,no food on shelves in the stores, freezing temperatures and most of us have no heat right now.
But the weekend is coming. Happy for some, unhappy for others.
I hope yours is happy and bright and filled with good thing.

Note:  Plumber is here now. They are so busy. He is trying to get the heat on for me. Yay!


  1. Hi Annie,
    So sorry you have no heat and it is getting cold :( I sure hope they can get the heat back on for all that are effected and of course the power to the millions that are without. Hope you have as best a weekend under the circumstances. Take care and I will be thinking of you and everyone in the areas that were effected. Hugs, Dru

  2. Sorry you've no heat - hope you get it sorted soon. Thanks for visiting me.

  3. Hi Annie, I came by to see how you are doing. I am glad there is a plumber there now. I am still praying for you . Hugs

  4. Hi Annie! I've heard the same thing about the Nor'easter. :( I was going to blog about it today when I do blog. I hope they are wrong! I'm so glad that the plumber is there. I hope your heat gets working! Thinking about you. Hugs!

  5. Hi Annie! Hope you get heat... temperatures are dropping from what I've heard so wouldn't do to be without heat! Another Nor'easter? What happened to fall? :( Take care! (((Hugz)))

  6. We never remember how good we have it till something like this happens and we lose our heat and electric. Hope your heat is on by the time you read this. Warm hugs and best wishes for the weekend.

  7. Hopefully your heat comes on very soon!!

  8. I know its bad there right now. Im in contact with some friends and the stories I hear just break my heart. I sure hope you get the heat going, I dont like what I see coming your way again.....just doesnt seem right that another storm is moving in.


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