November 5, 2012

The Heat is On!

AT THE SHORE: Wind Speed: 10 knots
Wind Direction: SW Condition: Overhead
Sea State: Light chop Ocean Temp: 55 F
 Wave Height: 7 ft.
Small craft advisory for hazardous seas in effect thru late Thurs. night.
at seaside before it was destroyed
Though we are waiting for a new nor'easter to hit and cold and wind has picked up dramatically.. I now have heat!!
Just in time for tonights temps in the 20's! Right now it is 26 degrees here. 
The plumber said this forced hot water system is the "cadillac' of heating systems and it just needed a few simply repairs to get it going once again.

I am warm, have lights right now and simple good food.   Life is good.
 What the rest of the week will bring is anyone's guess though.
With dunes gone and new inlets cut into the barrier islands, the waves will be stronger and flooding could be worse. We will hope for the best though.
 I have been busy today and no time for visiting around, which I do most days even if I don't get to comment.   I will make time tomorrow to visit everyone. I really feel lonely when I can't get to all my 'reads' for the day.  You are my neighbors and are important to me. I wrote this post  this past summer when Seaside Heights still existed.
Now the town of 3000&  year round residents is empty and under martial law. It is completely destroyed.  This little town alone has over $1BILLION dollars in damage. 


  1. Hi Annie! I'm so very glad to read that you have heat! It's really been so windy and cold. I'm not looking forward to that Nor'easter either. Here's hoping that your power stays on and there's no flooding. I hope you're able to have a good Tuesday! hugs!

  2. Hi Annie! So happy that you have heat, lights, & food! So many still don't, & by the news reports, it could still be awhile. So sad. The pictures of the damage that you shared, are so heartbreaking! I can't even imagine going through what all of you have endured. Praying that your power stays on, & no more damage done. Hugs!
    P.S. Some of your post was a very long vertical line, with a single letter on each line. Hard to explain, but I tried to read it. :) I just wondered if anyone else saw it too.

    1. It seems the site is not showing up properly in Internet Explorer.
      It looks best in Firefox.
      IE isnt working right. I will look into that.

  3. Hi Annie;

    I'm so glad you have heat now that the weather is so much colder and you have power and food. I'm praying that nor'easter will just be a flash in pan and not cause any more damage. Still waiting for word from family that live down state. Hugs

  4. So glad you have heat :) Hope the nor'easter doesn't affect you too much. Have a good Tuesday

  5. Oh Happy Day..the heat is on!

  6. Ah - heat! And just in time, it sounds like. I'm glad it was able to get fixed so easily. So sad about that town. I can't imagine coming "home" to a place that is all gone. Praying that this upcoming nor'easter doesn't cause you any more problems. Hugs

  7. Hi Annie,
    So happy you have heat!! YAY! So sorry to hear about Seaside Heights :(((( Have a great day! And oh yes I voted the right way on 37!! Hugs, Dru

  8. Hi Annie, I think fondly of my internet friends. I am happy to see more blogging againa and some even brining back webhomes. I am IE and see your site ok. I am glad you have heat now. I am sorry about your community Take care of yourelf. Hugs


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