December 5, 2012

Daily Doings

I  have been out and about lately doing stock up shopping because my freezer and fridge lost all their contents during Sandy. I have decided to stock up on canned and dry items.. rice, beans, canned tomatoes,etc. rather than sock the freezer. If I can manage it, one day down the line I would like to purchase a gas refrigerator like the Amish use. That would prevent loss of goods if another crisis strikes. What I learned from Sandy is that we need to always be prepared for bad times. All of us. Have a bug out bag ready and a stock of supplies just in case stores are closed. Your grocer only carries 3 days of food and once that is gone.. and it goes quick.. you might do without for months!

 NYC is fining people for not cleaning up from the storm. They don't take into consideration the expense involved in cleaning up huge trees. Some don't have chain saws or the money to hire professionals to do it and some are older and can't do it themselves. Mayor Bloomberg never ceases to amaze me how with the silly stuff he comes up with.
 Anyway, they are closing Fashion Bug!!
  I am so sad about that. But things are 70% off and I bought a bunch of things there today. Blouses for $9.00 and sweaters and lovely tops, underthings. I will try to go back at the end of the week as well and stock up on clothing.
 I have liked Fashion Bug for a long time as they sell just everything you could want.
  Cost Cutters and Rag Shop are gone now too and  buying things is more difficult.
 Cost Cutters had everything for the home,cheaply. Stationary, storage, light bulbs, hair supplies. The Rag Shop sold material, notions, craft goods, sewing machines and yarn, batting and stuffing. They had all of the beautiful upholstery yard goods as well. I once was able to buy yards of remnant upholstery fabric there and redo so many things. They also had craft goodies for kids and adults.
What a great loss that was. Places like Michaels and AC Moore are farther away and do not sell material or sewing goods. Hobby Lobby is not around here and from what I see is not half what Rag Shop was anyway.

We are having warm weather. Very Indian Summerish and its lovely to see the vivid blue skies and just to get out and about.
A bird is sitting in the huge rhododendron in front of my house singing his little heart out. How I love the sound of birds.


  1. Hi Annie! A "bug out bag" sounds ominous! LOL! But I know we should have more emergency supplies than we do living in earthquake country. And we're due- the last big one we felt was the Northridge quake in 1994. Sorry about the loss of favorite shops but glad you're getting some good bargains. Nice aBOUT YOUR WEATHER, TOO. wE'VE HAD SOME NICE RAIN- NOT HEAVY LIKE IN nORTHERN cALIFORNIA AND TODAY IT'S SUNNY AND WARM. Darn- excuse the Caps Lock boo boo! (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie,
    Your Mayor sure does come up with some doozies like not allowing drinks over a certain size. Most people I know from NYC seem to like him OK though :) Sorry about loosing your favorite shops :( I hope your nice weather continues for you. Ditto to my weather from Darylynn's post we live about 27 miles from each other. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Dru

    1. He isn't my mayor.. Thank God! LOL

  3. Your post sounds much like what I do at the beginning of hurricane season. I shop according to what storm is out there and if there is one in the Atlantic, I usually don't keep more than one week's food in the freezer. I also have lots of bottled water and canned goods. I also keep an inventory of things that I could throw into boxes really fast if I had to evacuate - things that could never be replaced like photo albums etc. Hopefully things are getting back more to normal for you.

  4. Hi Annie, it is sad when the shops we like close down. There was a craft store that I liked to visit when I first moved to this town and then it closed. It became a knitting store that was nice and now it has closed. I live on the outskirts of my town and so I have to drive far to get where I want. I am about 1 hr from Dru and Darylynn so I have the same weather as they do.
    Good to be prepared.

  5. Hi Annie;

    You are right on about our Mayor! I bet he gets out there and cleans up after the storm!! Yeah Right!! I too keep non-perishable food and water plus my freezer is only large enough to hold a week's worth of food. It's always good to be prepared.
    I used to shop at Fashion Bug when I lived in the Bronx. We never had one here upstate.
    Happy Hanukkah my friend. Hugs

  6. Happy Tuesday Annie,
    Hope you are having a Happy Hanukkah!!
    Hugs, Dru


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