January 10, 2013

Friday's Hat and Coat

am taking the easy road and doing the same meme that Toni did.  which, are accurate. And I actually  do own a faux fur cap and I do wear a Navy Peacoat in winter.

You Are a Pea Coat
You are drawn to the classics. You love a look that's a little old fashioned.
When you shop for clothes, you're quite sensible. You want styles and brands that are built to last.

You are a bit of a preppy. You act like you come from old money, even if you don't.
You are well mannered and subtle. You stay away from flashy things and flashy people.
You Are a Fur Hat
You are high class, sophisticated, and even a bit eccentric.
You use fashion to convey wealth and class - even if you're putting on a bit of an act.

You're the type of person to wear a thousand dollar watch with jeans or a fur hat on the subway.
Let's hope for the sake of the animals that you opt for synthetic fur!
What Winter Hat Are You?

Have a happy weekend.   


  1. Hi Annie;

    LOL! I too love taking the easy out when I have nothing to blog. My answers are on my site. Hope Your back is better today. I hate water bags for that very reason. My legs are the same. If it keeps up, next month I'll be looking into walkers with seats. Stay well and have a great weekend my friend. Hugs

  2. I would say yes and yes for me, but I suppose I should take the actual test to see if I've pegged myself correctly! :)

  3. ha! I was right about the peacoat but apparently I'm a beret.

    1. Tres chic! I wore berets as a child and still think they look great.

  4. Ciao Annie, happy 2013! :)
    Your header is awesome, wow!
    I never use hats, but I took the other meme and I am a "Wool Coat".
    Have a lovely weekend and stay warm and cozy.

  5. I just stumbled onto your blog. You have so many lovely backgrounds and graphics. Very nice. :)

  6. Hi, Annie. I'm not sure what kind of winter coat or hat I am. Here in Florida, we don't have much of that in our wardrobe. But, I'm more of a casual person so a simple coat (I do like peecoats) or a knit cap would suit me. Have a great week!

  7. Hi Annie,
    I was a pea coat but a scull cap instead of your fur hat. I don't wear hats and I don't have a pea coat but I get what they were getting at. When asked where I would like to spend Winter I chose Boston since I already live in Los Angeles which was a choice. And I loved Boston a lot. Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week ahead. Hugs, Dru

  8. cute I bet a would get something similar to you. I should have tried it. As usual your topper is beautiful. Love them all and you're so talented.

  9. Hi Annie! I love pea coats! when I was a teenage, a girlfriend and I went to a Navy Surplus store and bought real Navy pea coats. I have a really nice one now that I love. Like Dru, I don't usually wear hats but I got a really nice sun hat for Christmas... it's from Australia. Do you think it's too late to start protecting my skin from the California sun? ;) (((Hugz)))

  10. Hi Annie;

    Dropped in see if you posted anything new. I'm not posting anything for Wednesday as nothing is happening here. No rain in my area and a couple of inches of snow is predicted for the night and early morning. Enough to cause plowing and shoveling for those that have to. Have a lovely day ahead. Hugs


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