January 25, 2013


 It's begun to snow here  late this afternoon as the end of the day begins to set in.
It is 23 F and everything is frozen over.
I ended my day with an ice cream cone which I ate while the snow began to fall around. Everyone else in the streets had coffees and teas in paper take away cups, but not this intrepid snow-girl who has been craving vanilla ice cream for days now..  Nope,  I was busy devouring a super large ice cream cone and enjoying every second of it.

 Now for a hot cup of tea.... Happy Weekend!



  1. Hi Annie,
    Our local Baskin Robbins aka 31 Flavors has a Wednesday special buy one sundae and get one free because people think it is too cold this time of the year here in So Cal. I call them babies because I could eat Ice Cream in the snow like you did! And we did last Wednesday and probably will again this Wednesday. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Dru

  2. Good for you Annie. I love ice cream all year round. Just got my power back on. It's been out since last night. Probably caused by the snow and wind or a car slipping into an electric pole. Keep warm and have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs

  3. Any day is an ice cream day ... I knew I liked your choices.

  4. Hi Annie! Hope you'll take some snow photos and hope it's a nice snowfall and you keep your power. Funny about what Dru said because cold here is usually in the 50's which in many places would certainly be ice cream weather. (((Hugz)))

  5. We have the same weather here my friend. Stay cozy xo

  6. Hi Annie, I'm like you. I could eat ice cream not matter how cold it is outside. Everyday is a good day for ice cream. lol Have a good Monday. Hugs.

  7. Every day should be an ice cream day. Here in the UK the weather is milder after weeks of snow and cold . Have a good Monday


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