February 20, 2013

Jersey Shore Update

Four months after Sandy the Jersey Shore is still devastated and no improvement in sight because people just cannot afford to rebuild.
The US economy is so very bad that there is no money to rebuild.  And not rebuilding the shore means the loss of  a huge number of jobs and income.
Shore line constitutes a huge part of NJ.    We are a Peninsula.
  I got these photos from a piece in  Philly Post.     I can attest to you that the photos hardly show how bad things really are compared with seeing  the real thing up close and personal.
Never before have we seen this in the US like we are seeing after Katrina and Sandy.        Never.
In years past things were well underway to being rebuilt and renewed quite quickly.
Not anymore.
Main streets on the ocean closed.....still.    No income for them this summer.

Impassable beaches(Deal NJ) No revenue here either.

Closed beaches put hundreds of thousands out of work.

Look at this 10 foot drop from erosion.  Years back this would be fixed by now.

Homes are still in the water.
Deep Underwater is even worse ,
choked with debris ruining fishing and navigation.
Federal gov. now forces some homes to be jacked up on stilts. Price for that starts at $100,000 or more      Very few have the  money for that.  They may lose perfectly good homes because of  new government 'help'.  Whatever happened to freedom?

The number of condemned homes is even larger.
 People are still in shelters, still living with relatives.  
 Some have lost everything. Many homes are just gone. Nothing to be seen at all. Washed out to sea forever, or jammed up into debris reefs that are newly formed by the storm.
  Insurance is no help in these situations.  It just isn't enough money and the deductibles are just too high for most to do anything.  Many of these are not poor people either.

The upshot of this post?  Be prepared.  Make sure of what your insurance covers and does not. Make sure your home is safe and up to date. Make sure you have a place to go in an emergency. Have emergency food ready, batteries, radio, lights.
Keep a Bug Out Bag packed. It should include a few changes of comfortable clothing, shoes, warm things, personal items, soap, vitamins, diarrhea medicine, glow sticks, radio, batteries, bug spray,  etc   Look at this list. take it seriously friends.  
Do  not ever make the mistake of thinking you will be okay if you just do nothing.
Have money you can get to in an emergency. ATM machines do not work when power is out.
Have enough food to last for a couple of months. Yes,  you might need it.
Have a first aid kit handy and up to date. Diarrhea and coughs and flu are common after storms. 
When the going gets really tough, you will have only yourself to rely on. NJ learned that lesson the hard way. Learn from us.


  1. It's so sad that some people have lost everything and there are no money to rebuild...

  2. Thank you for this post Annie;

    I think it's sickening and terrible that people who have lost everything still are suffering months later while the fat cats in Washington are living like kings. We can thank them for the US economy failure. I could just cry seeing those photos. And I agree with you on your Be Prepared list. The problem is most people think it could never happen to them and that is a shame.

  3. That is so sad. The US economy is in dismal shape, that's for sure.

  4. Hi Annie! So sorry that things are moving at such a snail's pace. If rebuilding could get underway, it would provide so many much needed construction jobs. I know how long it took for New Orleans to even begin to recover. However, I think where people locate their homes need to be rethought. In SoCal, we have so many people who build their homes in brush fire areas so it's just one disaster after another waiting to happen. (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi Annie,
    So sad to see all these pictures. I saw Katrina first hand and even went back after a few years and they were still building. It is taking years to rebuild and they are all being rebuilt on stilts also. I am guessing that is the case in NJ it will take many years also to rebuild. Very sad for all those people. Hugs, Dru

  6. Annie, I am so sorry to still see all that devastation! Here in Florida, we are pretty prepared for things like that but in areas like Jersey, who would have thought! So sad for those whose lives are so shattered.

  7. Hi Annie, What is happening to this country is sickening and it's a real shame that people are too blind to wake up. :( I agree with what Toni said. The Politicians keep getting richer while the work man keeps getting poorer and getting pooped on. Yet, according to certain people, the economy is recovering. Up until two years ago, we always thought we were safe from Hurricanes and Earthquakes. Not anymore! You have to be prepared. You never know what will happen. I'm sad to see those pictures of Jersey Shore. :( It does take time to rebuild but it shouldn't move at a snails pace. I guess people don't understand unless they've been there. We still have people waiting to get homes from Isabel. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Happy Friday, Annie! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Your community was so hard hit and I am sorry to hear that little has been done. I just can't imagine it. You are right about being prepared. Hugs to you Annie and prayers for your community.

  10. So sad to see those Pics :( Thinking of you and your community

  11. Oh Annie this is so sad and so wrong. I feel so for all those who have gone through this. You are right, we must be prepared and we have only ourselves to count on in most cases.

  12. That is so sad to see. I have a new place on the shore and you have inspired me to get one of those bags ready-you never know.

  13. Hi Annie, just passing by to say hi. I hope you're having a good week so far. Hugs.

  14. Hi Annie,
    Popping in to say hi. Hope you are having a good week.

  15. Hi Annie;

    Dropped in to see what's new. Hope all is well with you my friend. Have a great day ahead and weekend. Hugs

  16. It is so sad that it is taking so long for adequate financial help to go to municipalities to help them clean up. So many sea and riverside areas of NY look the same. A friend of mine that lives in a seaside community in Queens told me she is fixing up her home but will sell it afterward. She does not want to live near the water any longer!


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