March 8, 2013


Snow this morning, rain this afternoon  and on into the evening,  it is a lazy afternoon when it seems that climbing back into a soft warm bed is a lovely idea.
But there is much to do on a Friday to prepare for the coming day ahead so I have piled meat, potato, onion, carrot, parsnip, turnip, celery and tiny bit of dry baby limas into a  computerized crock pot. Over it I pour   ketchup, Worcestershire sauce,bottled water and garlic and along with some eggs in their shells, that will cook  for tomorrows afternoon meal. 
The   hard cooked eggs, made delicious with the flavor of the  meat and veggies will serve as nice lunches and breakfasts for the next few days.
Coffee has no effect on sleepy, rainy days like this. You could just as well drink a glass of warm milk for all the good it does you. And, it seems that no matter how warm the house is,  you could still be warmer if you were underneath your soft sheets and blankets. Yes, that's the sort of day it is.
Garfield is even lazying around  uninterested in throw rug surfing today. His little catnip mice sit idle too, probably glad for the rest.

 This afternoon's rain has washed away what little snow there was but even the birds are  napping all day long today.
Wherever you are. whatever the weekend holds , I hope it  will be a happy,contented  and peaceful one.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Your crock pot ingredients sound yummy! We have had quite a bit of snow in our local mountains in the last day and some rain and hail locally. It is sunny then dark all day today. It is dark now so maybe more rain?? Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and comfy! Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie! Your crock pot meal made my mouth water. The snow and rain missed us today. The sun was actually shining but it was bitter. Windy and cold. Not feeling like March at all. I hope you have a nice weekend! It's supposed to warm up. :)


  3. Hi Annie, it was a rainy day here and I stayed warm in my dad's bathrobe. It is big for me but offers a lot of comfort right now. Your crockpot meal sounds great! I have never cooked eggs like that before. Actually, I have not cooked much at all lately. My daughter has been doing most of it. I need to get back to normal. Thanks for the prayers! Have a nice weekend. Hugs

  4. Interesting ... eggs in a crock pot stew ... hummm? Wonder if it would work in chilli? Beef chowder?

  5. Yummy Annie! Your crock pot meal sounds like comfort food. I never would have thought to cook eggs like that. Gotta try it when I make my soups.
    We ended up having about 9 inches of snow. I'm hoping the warmer weekend will melt a lot of it. Keep warm and have a great weekend my friend. Hugs

  6. I have never heard of cooking eggs like that! The recipe sounds yummy. It was so cold yesterday when we got home from work, I spent most of the evening underneath a quilt and watching all those bridal shows on TLC. lol

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Annie,
    What a delicious sounding crock pot meal!
    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

  8. I have never eaten eggs cooked like that, sound yummy. :)
    We are back to winter too. Stay cozy and enjoy the new week. xo

  9. Hi, Annie. I'll have to try cooking eggs like that. Your meal sounds good and just right for the weather you are having! Have a lovely day.


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